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4 Sep

Emergency Appeal for the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar


The torment endured by the Rohingya Muslims is rapidly reaching an apex with no signs of slowing down.

According to Al Jazeera news, approximately 90,000 Muslims have fled the Rakhine state where they have lived for generations, for fear of being pillaged and entirely exterminated at the hands of the military regime currently operating in Myanmar. The scale of the ethnic prejudice has reached new heights in a lengthy period of hostility aimed at the Rohingya Muslims, and their attempts to flee unharmed have been sabotaged by a horrifically violent campaign enforced by the country.  According to The Guardian, the government have most recently blocked all U.N provisions from coming into the country, preventing vital aid, food and clothing from reaching any of the fleeing Rohingyans, leaving them even more vulnerable to the extreme circumstances that have befallen them.  Graphic images rotating on the internet of the atrocities committed have not yet been enough to spur a global outcry, enough to put political pressure on the Myanmar government to stop their crimes against humanity.

As members of the global family, we must do what we can to participate in the ending of this genocide. Raising constant awareness of the crisis amongst friends and family will help sustain efforts to propel it into international mainstream media. Charities currently operating in Myanmar also need our help to provide aid in absolutely dyer circumstances.

@restless beings

@human appeal





@childrenontheedge are just some of the charities working to keep the Rohingyan’s alive. Please, visit their websites to learn more of the crisis and how you can directly impact the situation there.

We cannot afford to neglect the Rohingya Muslims in their hour of need, for their sakes and for ours.

May Allah swt provide ease to match the hardship of the Rohingya people. May He provide them with relief from all of his resources and bring down the tyrants responsible for this campaign. May He make it easy for those trying to help and may He make light for those in darkness. May Allah swt raise them in their status in both this world and the next, Ameen.


Emelie Parkes
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