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4 Jun

Hijabs for All Occasions: A True Expression

Hijabs are as much about morals as they are about the freedom of choice. Era after era, Islamic women have chosen to don the hijab in lieu of their modesty and beliefs. They choose to cover because they believe it is liberating and allows them to avoid harassment. The very word Hijab is an Arabic, word meaning barrier or partition. And now in the modern times, it really represents a state of mind and one's own—very personal and sacred—relationship with faith. In Islam, it also sort of amalgamates a variety of principles of modesty. This includes behaviour, and dress for both males and females. The most visible form of hijab is the head covering that many Muslim women wear. They have also become a potent...
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28 May

Welcome Back! Bestselling Modest Kimonos in Stock Again

Two of our bestselling modest kimonos are back in stock. This Japanese form of dressing has evolved into a veritable outerwear layer over time. Stripped off its extravagant excesses, the basic kimono layer is stylish, modern, and versatile. Furthermore, it has time and again been favoured by the high fashion-forward and chic-street-style dresser alike. This makes them especially relevant in terms of versatility. Keeping up with that thought trail, these two modern renditions of modest kimonos are absolutely apt for layering in the cold or turning an inner outfit into a more modest getup. These two particular numbers would also complement a multitude of staples in your wardrobe. Their soft shades and straight cuts allow you to pair them with literally anything...
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26 May

All About the Abaya: Modestly Impeccable

This humble, full-sleeved outer garment has long combined ease of modest dressing together with a personalised sense of style. And the abaya has continued to find its own niche, now increasingly becoming a statement in itself, remaining ever so relevant. With its loose-fitted cuts, pleats, colours, and embellishments, an abaya need not be mundane at all. Rather, it is an expression that conforms to the needs of the modest dresser together with a sense of minimal yet sophisticated style. These trendy items are crafted to be put under strain, day after day. And they are made to perfection with an impeccable eye for modern details and styles that are visibly inspired. Read on for the deets on our favourite picks, and...
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24 May

Modest Evening Gowns Back in Stock!

With popular demand, these stunning modest evening gowns from are back in stock! In a modest fashion wardrobe, standout occasion pieces are usually your most treasured ensembles. And nothing speaks of luxury as a gown constructed carefully with multiple layers of fabric, impressive surface ornamentation, and sublime details that add and enthuse graceful countenance. Here's how to wear them for every kind of occasion.   Dusky Pink Pearl Embellished Gown with Pleat  INAYAH - Dusky Pink Pearl Embellished Gown with Pleat    Exquisitely crafted, this Dusky Pink Pearl Embellished Gown makes for an ethereal choice amidst modest evening gowns. Using textures in the same colour, the top layer delicately embroidered with liberal pearl scatterings creates a subdued yet gorgeous embellished surface. Fitted...
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22 May

Essential Modest Tops: Mix, Match, and Style

As warmer weather beckons and you pack away your coats and parkas, essential modest tops indeed remain the building blocks of your wardrobe. Perfect to pair with a multitude of key pieces across your wardrobe, a few of these neutral staples can create numerous looks for all kinds of modest dressing needs. These selections from INAYAH are essentially classic styles; they bring in an element of timelessness in all-weather appropriate shades that modest dressers would appreciate. They have the scope for dressing them up or down, depending on your mood, need, and whim. And additionally, we thought we will give you some fab tips on how to wear them best! White Classic Top A well-made white top is forevermore a wardrobe staple. And...
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6 Apr

£25 Modest Tops and Blouses – Limited Time Only   

Shop INAYAH'S coveted £25 modest tops and blouses! Hurry, for a limited time only. Absolute modest wardrobe staples, classic modest tops and blouses pack in immense versatility. Especially the long-sleeved kind. They can be worn alone or under other key pieces to create a fresh new look every day. And, they work for every season. Cold weather turns them into interesting second or third layers under well-cut jackets and outerwear. During warmer days, they speak of personal style on their own. Timeless, elegant, and effortless, update your modest fashion coterie with our top picks. And here's the low-down on how to wear each one with ample panache. Light Grey Cotton Blend Top Light Grey Cotton Blend Top With almost a boxy, anti-fit,...
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6 Apr

Your Favourite Hijab Caps

This week we wanted to showcase a sometimes forgotten, but an extremely important accessory for the modest dresser. The humble hijab cap. Aiding in concealment, drapery, and making things convenient, these caps play a true role in keeping your hijabs in perfect order. Hijab caps are small and easily concealable, keeping stray hair tucked away. Worn under your hijab or scarf, they aid in pinning the variety of drapes you may want to experiment with. Available in myriad colours, shapes, prints, and designs, a hijab cap can also play the role of a chic accessory to the hilt. Leave an inch or two visible, for an instant new look. Try a similar, or a contrasting shade under a sheer hijab and collared...
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23 Mar

Style Picks for Elegant Kimonos with Lace

Kimonos with lace elevate any fashion piece to fabulous in an instant. From an era of Chantilly musings to laser-cut repertoires, delicate lace lends elegance and fits into most fashion sensibilities. Whether used as a dainty beaded detail on a well-rounded maxi skirt or to layer a stylish-cut blouse, this artisinal element of clothing deserves its due homage. Case in point, details on gracefully crafted modest fashion kimonos with lace. When these two trends collide, the result is a delightful merger of discerning style alongside plenty of outfit possibilities. At INAYAH we love these kimonos with lace that can break the monotony of any outfits. This instantly updates modest wardrobe basics underneath to high fashion. Versatile and minimal enough to be...
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8 Feb

Maxi gowns perfect for workwear

Whether it's smart sophistication you are after or a casual everyday style for work these maxi gowns are for you. Uniform dressing has never looked smarter, upgrade your working wardrobe, with smart fashion essentials that will take you from day to night in modest styling.   Warm Mink Knitted Skater Dress:   With the unpredictability of the weather, this Skater dress is ideal for anything! The dress which is fitted at the waist then flared to the hem, allows comfort and movement, so whatever tasks maybe on hand, you can get through your day with ease. Opt for your usual size for a tailored look but choose a size bigger for a more modest fit. The Skater Dress comes in 2 other colours-Grape and Black, add these...
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