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Our Journey & Vision

Defining Modest Fashion. 



Since launching in 2012, INAYAH has established itself as one of the world’s leading modest fashion brands for women who choose to adopt a modest dress code into their lifestyle.

We design and create beautiful modest clothing, with a minimal and contemporary style; ethically produced, using high quality fabrics and unique textures, allowing women to dress with confidence and sophistication.


Our focus is simplicity; our everyday wear collections are heavily inspired by modern minimalism fused with classic cuts, to produce timeless designs.

As our entire design process is carried out in-house, we are able to source and use the best fabrics to create contemporary and stylish modestwear, featuring high-fashion elements, without compromising on values and religious beliefs.

Our Creative Director and Assistants follow a meticulous design structure, who ensure all items are fully lined where required, featuring natural fabrics, blends and premium quality synthetics where needed.

Our maxi dresses and abayas are available in multiple lengths, with other modest wear available in petite, regular and tall sizes where possible. Our aim is to ensure hassle free styling, without the need to alter and layer; resulting in versatile, comfortable and elegant modestwear.


INAYAH is the Arabic term for care/concern, which reflects our vision and ethos.

We take great pride in having the ability to provide modest fashion for women from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, ages and occupations. We are modest fashion designers; implementing contemporary silhouettes refined with class and style. Our goal is to provide the modern, progressive, modest women of today, with a means of representing their identity with quality, original designs, for all occasions and settings; without compromising on their beliefs.


Our main priority is to maintain an ethical approach towards all aspects of our business. INAYAH’s foundation is based upon care and uncompromising ethical practise, to ensure fair and honest business dealings. We work exclusively with small family run production units, that pay fair wages to their workers whilst providing them with good working conditions. Before we collaborate with a factory, we assess working conditions, wages and their business practises, to determine whether or not they will deliver a quality, ethical service.

At INAYAH; we care.