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6 Apr

Your Favourite Hijab Caps

This week we wanted to showcase a sometimes forgotten, but an extremely important accessory for the modest dresser. The humble hijab cap. Aiding in concealment, drapery, and making things convenient, these caps play a true role in keeping your hijabs in perfect order.

Hijab caps are small and easily concealable, keeping stray hair tucked away. Worn under your hijab or scarf, they aid in pinning the variety of drapes you may want to experiment with. Available in myriad colours, shapes, prints, and designs, a hijab cap can also play the role of a chic accessory to the hilt.

Leave an inch or two visible, for an instant new look. Try a similar, or a contrasting shade under a sheer hijab and collared jacket for some evening dressing up. Pin a dainty bejewelled clip and make it stay in place with the added fabric support. Or simply try a visible hijab cap in an entirely different fabric layered-on for some much welcome texture.

Whether you buy one or all, grab these caps before they’re gone. There are so many different ways to wear them! And if you need more ideas and inspiration, scroll down below for some of our top picks and how to style them.

Mink Jersey Tube Hijab Cap

Your favourite hijab caps - Mink Jersey Tube Hijab Cap

Mink Jersey Tube Hijab Cap (£4)

Crafted in soft-stretch jersey fabric, this Mink Jersey Hijab Cap feels like a second skin underneath your scarf. Beautifully stretching to cover all your hair—without bunching or gathering—this cap is perfect for everyday wear. The neutral colour keeps things astute, while its tube shape allows you to slip it on in a breeze. We recommend this cap with your pastel and neutral hijabs!

Mid Grey Tube Hijab Cap

Your favourite hijab caps - Mid Grey Tube

Mid Grey Tube Hijab Cap (£4)

Another tube-style cap minus a tieback, the Mid Grey Tube Hijab Cap is in a shade we love! Try this cap under intricate hijab drapes. Whether it is a tight wrap for sports or a more fancy and elaborate turban dropping a metre down your front, this cap will hold it all in place without shifting. Once again, the soft fabric is breathable and wouldn’t be bothersome.

Dove Grey Jersey Drawstring Hijab Cap

Your favourite Hijab caps - Dove Grey Jersey Drawstring

Dove Grey Jersey Drawstring Hijab Cap (£5)

An adjustable drawstring at the back of the Dove Grey Jersey Drawstring Hijab Cap lets you achieve a fit you fancy. And the beautiful dove grey shade would look extra nice under sheer white or a faint pink hijab with sheen. As with the other hijab caps we have featured, this one too features a stretch fabric for comfort, ideal for both warm or cold weather.

For the full range of your favourite hijab caps, visit www.Inayah.com

Emelie Parkes
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