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8 Oct

Brand New Hijabs: Luxurious Jersey

A modest fashionista’s tool of choice, these new hijabs are crafted to bring a merger of absolute form and functionality. Sleek, lightweight, and luxurious, they will effortlessly finish off your ensemble of choice while allowing you to experiment and conceal at the same time. Enter, jersey, in all its finery!

Priced fabulously and available in a variety of options, read on to find out what’s special about these unique hijabs.


Antique Pewter Luxe Jersey Hijab

Jersey fabrics have an unmatched manner of drapery, and this Antique Pewter Luxe Jersey Hijab captures that essence in its entirety. Soft and lightweight, it can be tied to create elegant and sophisticated folds. An ample length also allows you to create volume for, particularly styled hijab drapes. Practical and versatile, this one in an elegant shade of black-meets-silver works well for every season and can be worn over both casual and occasion looks.


Antique Pewter Luxe Jersey Hijab - £4.99

Antique Pewter Luxe Jersey Hijab – £4.99



Black Luxe Jersey Hijab

Similar to the former, the Black Luxe Jersey Hijab drapes beautifully and is a wardrobe staple! In a deep black that will pair well with outfits in every colour of the rainbow, the hijab is lightweight and versatile. Try a few different styles of drape to add an interesting element to your look; its liberal length and stretch allows room for plenty of different ties. It will also form an interesting canvas for hijab accents. Think pins and brooches, and a contrasting coloured hijab cap.


Black Luxe Jersey Hijab - £4.99

Black Luxe Jersey Hijab – £4.99


Deep Turquoise Jersey Hijab

This one adds a colourful twist to our range of jersey hijabs. The Deep Turquoise Jersey hijab will especially work well with dressier daytime looks on a bright summery day. Cheerful and stylish, the hijab will conceal and cover. Yet its beautiful folds will overlay to create stunning drapery without a fuss. Try longline drapes with this one or pair with contrasting colours to weave a hint of shade magic. This hijab will also remain crease free and comfortably stretchy at all times!


Deep Turquoise Jersey Hijab - £4.99

Deep Turquoise Jersey Hijab – £4.99


For a further selection of new hijabs and accessories, visit www.Inayah.com

Emelie Parkes
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