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16 Aug

Brand New Maxi Dresses: Occasion Wear Redefined

Maxi Dress lengths have changed every decade and century, yet the allure of the floor-length maxi continues to intrigue the fashion eternity since its very invention. Although historically, something similar has always been a part of women’s clothing, the version we know today was first spotted in the 1968 creation of de la Renta for house Arden. From there on, the maxi was quick to take a grip on runways, in catalogues, and home-brewed fashion. And although in the beginning, it was always enveloped within a more casual countenance, the modern maxi dress breaks away from tradition to be ready for all kinds of dressing needs.

Our love for everything fuss-free and classic has time and again revisited maxi dresses in their many beautiful avatars. And this season is no different when we thought we would update the basic maxi dress by the skillful use of surface ornamentation and fabric texture. These brand new maxi dresses will not only redefine occasion dressing, but will complement every modest dresser’s style sensibilities. Stylish neutral bases meet reinterpreted leitmotifs to create standalone looks that can be worn confidently through day and night. As for styling them, effortless is key as you only need minimal intervention to put together looks that are modestly on-point.


Antique Pewter Ayda Beaded Maxi Dress

The Antique Pewter Ayda Beaded Maxi Dress is resplendent with masterful surface ornamentation and effortless drape. Crafted in a shade of pewter with luxuriant sheen, the darted bodice is panelled at the waist with a gorgeously flared skirt and fitted, stylish sleeves. But the catch is in the details! A contemporary crosshatch of sequins adorning the front and back shoulders; a more modern take on the classic epaulet. What you have is a on-point maxi dress with power shoulders, great for evening occasions and styling with sleek accessories.


Maxi Dress - Antique Pewter Ayda Beaded Maxi Dress

Antique Pewter Ayda Beaded Maxi Dress


Soft Blush Neisha Embellished Maxi Dress

Juxtaposed textures in the form of fabrics and embellishments make this Soft Blush Neisha Embellished Maxi Dress very special. Like the others, the basic maxi silhouette ties together interesting accents and twists to create a look that is fresh, ethereal, and perfect for a special daytime occasion such as a garden wedding. Scattered beading, and 3-D applique flowers on the surface of the dress create a beautiful web of loveliness. And a multi-layered full-volume skirt paired with buttoned sleeves, a round neckline, and concealed fastenings keep things seamlessly finished. Try this maxi with fresh, peach makeup to complement its blush tone, a pair of nude or diamante heels, and hints of rose gold jewellery.


Maxi Dress - Soft Blush Neisha Maxi Dress

Soft Blush Neisha Maxi Dress


Ash Blue Talora Beaded Maxi Dress

And finally, for our countdown of brand new maxi dresses, the Ash Blue Talora Beaded Maxi Dress makes a fitting appearance. The colour itself, which is not really ash but not blue either captures the essence of trending ambiguous shades beautifully. Yet the whole dress itself brings the best of both worlds; the vintage and the modern. Featuring a fully embroidered bodice, charming florals find their way, trailing onto the sleeves for an alluring effect. A band finishes off the waist that gives way to a softly heat-pressed pleated skirt that brings in a new textural dimension. The result? A dress that is breathtaking light and delicate. Wear with added notes of white in the form of shoes or pearls or a hijab. Or even a bloom in your hair if you so fancy.

Maxi Dress - Ash Blue Talora Beaded Maxi Dress

Ash Blue Talora Beaded Maxi Dress


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Emelie Parkes
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