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6 Sep


INAYAH Mink Pure Silk Full Circle Gown Black Lace Jumpsuit and Stone Lace Dress with Flare

Stuck for fashion inspiration for Eid? Get your September dose of weekly INAYAH fashion fix here as we prepare your wardrobe essentials for Eid. 

Ever dreamt of one of your favourite fairytale dresses come to life? Our Mink Pure Silk Full Circle Gown is limited edition and one of our most exquisite pieces. Perfect for special occasions, Eid and bridal events, this majestic gown is made of pure silk and showcases a magical crinkle effect, culminating in a remarkable showstopper. This dress displays effortless motion even though the dress, plus sleeves, are fully lined. Purchase your dream dress this Eid!

Mink Pure Silk Full Circle Gown

Mink Pure Silk Full Circle Gown
Black Soft Crepe Hijab


Love Jumpsuits? Our Black Lace Jumpsuit  is a divine piece intricately trimmed with lace. This jumpsuit provides full, modest coverage and can be styled with a range of Soft Crepe or Peach Skin Hijabs. An easy-to-wear stylish alternative for Eid, perfect for day or night wear. Set the bar high with this comfortable and classy, sophisticated lace jumpsuit.



Black Lace Jumpsuit
Taupe Soft Crepe Hijab


Last but not least, our Stone Lace Dress with Flare is this season’s ultimate statement dress. Patterned with wonderful, floral cut-work, this dress can be styled up or down with accessories and a clutch. Pair with our range of Soft Crepe Hijabs for a fresh, contemporary flair.


Stone Lace Dress with Flare

Stone Lace Dress with Flare
Washed Lilac Grey Soft Crepe Hijab

Emelie Parkes
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