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22 Oct

Embroidered Occasion Abayas Just Landed!

With elegant use of ethereal embroidery, these occasion abayas especially sketch a portrait of timeless fashion. Classic silhouettes play in perfect symphony, while these occasionwear options stand apart for their delicate simplicity. Therefore, wear them with absolute panache!


Sand Salma Abaya


Sand Salma Abaya - £79.99

Sand Salma Abaya – £79.99


With a canvas like base for its beautiful array of trailing embroidery, the Sand Salma Abaya dazzles with its simplicity. Consequently, the base of the abaya has an elegantly flared finish, adorned with a round neck, fitted sleeves, and a timeless hem. And this sets the stage for its satin-stitched embroidery that begins at the neckline and fluidly moves to the sleeve hem. Floral vines, blooms, and flora icons all come together to create a leitmotif in vibrant, contrasting colours. Furthermore, the use of embellishments and beading on the embroidery creates a three-dimensional effect. The result? An effortlessly elegant occasionwear dress that charms with its ingenious use of delicate detailing.

The tailored finish lends a beautiful, luxurious touch. Wear it with your favourite tan heels, and a choice of a lighter coloured georgette hijab.


Turquoise Black Amira Embroidered Leaf Abaya


Turquoise Black Amira Embroidered Leaf Abaya - £129.99

Turquoise Black Amira Embroidered Leaf Abaya – £129.99


With its classic straight silhouette, the Turquoise Black Amira Embroidered Leaf Abaya leads the way for an elegant chronicle of embellishments. The jet black base is crafted in lined chiffon, finished with a high neckline and fitted sleeves. A straight hem, and a shift centre lends immaculate simplicity. And this is all tied together with a mesmerising pattern of leafy vines, that especially form a bolero-like motif on the neckline, shoulders, and front. The multi-hued embroidery captures everything from summer skies to pristine snow and deep-sea waters. It is further highlighted with the use of mirrored embellishments that catch the light as you move. This is finished off with zippered cuffs and back allow ease of movement and wear.

The striking abaya will work beautifully for evening occasions. In contrast, all you need is a pair of sleek heels, and a touch of radiance.

Emelie Parkes
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