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EDITOR’S PICK – Top 5 Summer Essentials
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20 Aug

Favourite New Arrivals: Editor’s Choice

As we introduce our fresh new collections for you to choose from, we cannot help but feel partial for a few particular arrivals that instantly embody summertime chic. These standalone pieces are contemporary renditions of much-loved silhouettes that we have time and again favoured. And with a bit of crafting marvel and dainty details, they create signature looks to suit every modest dresser’s style sensibilities in an astute yet fashion-forward way. Read on more to find out more, and what makes each look so special.


Peach Amber Embellished Kaftan

Surreal and iridescent peach is highlighted in this Peach Amber Embellished Kaftan that is ideal for both night and day. The drapery of the kaftan itself is reminiscent of bright, light summer days, while its breeziness will keep you comfy and stylish at the same time. Featuring a classic kaftan make, sunburst patterned beading highlights the front, bring a bit of careful embellishment to make things a notch dressier. All you need is a pair of slinky shoes, and a big smile to go with it.

New Arrivals - Peach Amber Embellished Kaftan

Peach Amber Embellished Kaftan


Mulberry Ambra Jewelled Kimono

Kimonos are a modest dresser’s best friend! And we at INAYAH love bringing different dimensions of detailing in each one we introduce. Case in point, the Mulberry Ambra Jewelled Kimono in a stunning garnet. Sticking to the elementary cut of an open-front kimono allows the beautiful beaded motifs to shine through. Great to pair with everything from dresses to pants, the Ambra kimono will liven up all your evening engagements with a lively burst of subtle bling.


New Arrivals - Mulberry Ambra Jewelled Kimono

Mulberry Ambra Jewelled Kimono


Navy Classic Georgette Kimono

The gorgeous airy fabric of the Navy Classic Georgette Kimono makes it especially ideal to layer during all kinds of seasons. And in a neutral shade replete with clean lines and a boxy fit, this kimono is essentially a wardrobe staple. The colour goes well with both darks and brights, and the wide fluted sleeves and a no-fuss shift drop keeps things smartly casual. Dress it up a bit with statement accessories, and sky-high heels. Effortless layering doesn’t get easier.

New Arrivals - Navy Classic Georgette Kimono

Navy Classic Georgette Kimono


Ink Sahar Embellished Kaftan

And for the finale, we are in love with this Ink Sahar Embellished Kaftan. This gracious kaftan embraces a deep royal blue, especially perfect to wear on very special occasions. With layers of sheer fabric overlaid on a solid opaque lining, textural play becomes key here. This is further accentuated by beautiful geometric stripes, delicately embellished with a mix of patterns and motifs. The result? A stunning outfit that needs nothing else to highlight its beauty as you revel in its simplicity. Wear standalone with a hint of silver or antique jewellery and neutral heels.

New Arrivals - Ink Sahar Embellishment Kaftan

Ink Sahar Embellishment Kaftan

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Emelie Parkes
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