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30 Jun

Top Picks for EID: Perfect Festive Pairings

As EID and festive season calls upon us, modest wardrobe dilemmas are understandable. Especially for those who are partial to carefully thought-out pairings and outfits, 'what to wear with what' could put one in a conundrum. Style editors are here at your aid, armed with carefully curated outfits for all your occasion-dressing needs. With gorgeous modest dresses and complementary hijabs, these four ensembles will leave you with plenty of options for pinning that outfit right. Read on for tips and deets!   Peach Blossom Floral Print Hijab + Almond Nehru Kimono Dress The quintessential hijab is reinterpreted with an elegant twist this season for EID. Moreover, it features a delicate floral print of spring blossoms scattered over a peachy, pastel base. Airy and breathable,...
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26 Jun

Modest Kimonos: Sophisticated and Stylish

For the modest dresser, the versatility and functionality of a kimono transcend many other forms of outerwear. Modest kimonos not only are a chic and stylish add-on, but they also help you conceal what wouldn't otherwise be apt to wear. Adding on a layer of coverage, they allow you to turn regular pieces into high fashion modest ensembles. In our latest arrivals, modest kimonos once again find a special place. Inspired contemporary kimonos will work with a variety of inner layers including maxi slips and dresses, skirt-blouse pairings, and even your regular trousers outfit. Here's three favourite of ours, and ideas on how to style them perfectly.   Brown Nude Kimono with Lace Hem Sleeve Crafted in a delicate shade, this Brown Nude Kimono...
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26 Jun

Maxi and Evening Gowns to Covet

As the festive season continues with an air of celebration, indulgence, and camaraderie, occasion wear receives a new rendition. A mix of classics and new, these maxi and evening gowns are elegantly crafted for all your occasion dressing needs. Whether you are joining your family and friends for evening meals or getting together for a jubilant function, each of these beautiful dresses will ensure a wardrobe fit for the busy social calendar. Crafted in luxurious fabrics and featuring delicate surface ornamentation, these modest dressing ensembles are not only fitting for this time of the year but will make great picks for weddings and engagements. Not to mention, styling tip will, of course, go hand in hand!   Floral Print Maxi Dress Classic floral prints...
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24 Jun

Lace Modest Gowns: Hints of Culture Couture

With festivities and celebrations close at hand, our curated collection of lace modest gowns would probably put you in a graceful dilemma. Each, unique and gorgeously different. Crafted with exquisite fabrics and dainty details, these gowns are luxurious and dressy in every sense of the word. But of course, lace is an eternal favourite of ours. And when it meets fluid, contemporary red-carpet inspired cuts, the results are poetically ethereal and the looks, poised and elegant. For the refined modest dresser, each gown has been carefully created to capture couture gloriously. And whether you pick one for your best friend's wedding or for another special occasion, dazzling would seem to be completely effortless with these lace modest gowns.   Pink Smoke Lace and Pleat...
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22 Jun

Slip Maxi Dresses: Effortless, Easy Style!

The simple, straight-cut boxy silhouette of a shift gives way to gorgeous slip maxi dresses. Easy to style and remarkably effortless to incorporate within a modest wardrobe, the slip maxi dress once again continues to be much favoured this spring-summer. Slips understandably used to be inner garments. Now crafted in thicker, more luxurious fabrics, they make for a light and airy inner layers without compromising either on style, comfort, or modesty. With a bit of extra coverage in terms of light outerwear for the summer and heavier ones for nippier weather, the slip maxi dress is indeed the on-trend yet humble champion for the discerning dresser. On that note, we have presented four colours. One dress. Endless looks you will love! Pebble Slip...
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18 Jun

Modest Eveningwear: Editor’s Pick

Beautiful modest eveningwear forms an essential part of such a wardrobe. Dresses luxuriously crafted in exquisite fabrics. Silhouettes that define modest sensibilities. Inspired, tasteful details that reiterate a true sense of fashion. And a final look that is both aspirational and on point. We have chosen all this and more, through this elegant Royal Draped Gown with Beading that our style editor recommends for your next big evening. Bringing sophisticated styling together with contemporary leitmotifs, this indeed is the gown to buy now. Royal Draped Gown With Beading With a wrap-like sunburst drape reminiscent of elegant Grecian style, this gown presents an astute sense of high fashion dressing. In a beautiful shade of royal blue—not unlike the most brilliant ink—the gown will be...
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16 Jun

Lace Kimonos: Its All in the Details

Lace has been a favoured adornment of royalty and the favoured since times immemorial. Why even the philosopher Montaigne found words to favour this delicate fabrication that weaves together a delightful confluence of design and craft. Back to the present times, lace has indeed found its way to embellish quintessential signature pieces. Through lace kimonos, that amplify modest style with richly placed details. Our favouritism with kimonos has been a long one. For modest dressers, kimonos are trustworthy comrades that not just infuse outward style and elegance but also help conceal and cover. And when these dainties meet a touch of lace, strategically placed to enhance and elevate, the result is simply classic and stunning. Choose from one of our favourites...
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14 Jun

The Abaya with Flare: Elegant and Feminine

Adding unending charm to a traditionally straight-cut silhouette is a hemline that gives way to soft fabric. Enter the abaya with flare. Creating an almost-dress like effect, an abaya with flare is an easy way to wear a single piece of clothing for some fuss-free modest style. Complementing every type of dresser whether tall, petite, plus, or expecting, abayas are a fail-safe choice. And in basic colours and patterns that dote on simplicity, these become essential staples that you would probably reach out for every other day. Especially, when you are in no mood to scan through your wardrobe for elaborate fashion inspiration and layering. Keeping in tune with the above, as we present these classic numbers that will easily become a part...
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12 Jun

The Trousers Edit: Shop Key Modest Trousers

Probably the king of staple pieces, a wardrobe is incomplete without a selection of modest trousers. We wear them day after day, to work and to social events or to travel and to relax. And to create stylish looks, and to rescue ourselves when we don't know what to wear. In contrast to all the blouses and dresses we may own, the trouser remains a fashion hero. Recommended to be purchased in an assortment of neutral colours that can play partner to everything else you own, these modest trousers meet every fashion criteria to the perfection. Read on for inspiration and styling tips! Camel Palazzo Pants Camel Palazzo Pants Inspired by the avant-garde fashions of the 1930s, the Palazzo is...
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10 Jun

The Midi Edit: Midi Clothing to Buy Now

A crossover between uppers and bottoms, the word midi traditionally defines calf-length—that is featured in a top or coat, or within skirts and dresses. And just like everything else in fashion, the world of midi clothing has long evolved to reinterpret this classic, comfy silhouette. Midis are especially relevant for modest dressers, with their flowy fit and fuss-free cuts. Midis have had a long and colourful history. Originally in the 1940s, the midi-length—especially in the form of a skirt—was popularly embraced as a statement for a variety of women-centric movements. But this didn't last long until midi clothing poked its head out again in the 1970s. As a result, seventies were in fact called 'the year of the midi' by then influential...
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