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17 Aug

Hijab Looks:

INAYAH - Caramel Nude Modal Hijab

At INAYAH we stock a range of hijabs in different materials and shades depending on 2 main factors; breathability and ease of style.

Modal Hijab

Our Modal hijabs are available in maxi length therefore there is a lot of room for styling opportunities with the added length of material. Most of our customers recommend these hijabs for daily wear due to the quality of the material. Our Modal hijabs are available in a range of staple and necessary colours as well as a range of muted shades perfect for everyday styling!

Rayon Hijab

Our Rayon hijabs are another style of hijab that can be worn as part of everyday wear. They are available in a range of shades to suit any ensemble. Elevate your everyday styles with a sleek rayon hijab.

Crepe Georgette and Soft Crepe Hijabs

Our Crepe Georgette and Soft Crepe Hijabs are probably the most highly fashionable set of hijabs that we offer. Available in 50+ shades, these hijabs can be worn as a way to contrast looks or to upscale any occasion wear item. These premium hijabs are the way forward.

Soft Touch Hijab

Our Soft Touch hijabs are exactly what they say in the name. Soft to touch but with still enough grip, these hijabs are easy to style, layer and drape.

To view more of our hijabs, visit www.inayah.com

Emelie Parkes
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