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3 Nov

Hijab Styling 101

Hijab Styling;

A key factor in our everyday lives. The way we style our Hijab represents us, from colour to fabric, each is important in its own way. For instance we only choose a colour which often suits our skin tone or which often suits our outfit. However, with our collection of Hijab’s you never have to compromise, we take both fabric and colour in to consideration; you can always have the best of both worlds.

Nude Shade 1 Soft Crepe Hijab
Cloud Grey Soft Crepe Hijab
Ashes of Rose Soft Crepe Hijab
Mauve Soft Crepe Hijab
Red Plum Soft Crepe Hijab
Nude Shade 8 Soft Crepe Hijab
Ponderosa Pine Soft Crepe Hijab

We have decided to extend your reaches of hijab styling with our new range of Scrunchies to help add a little volume to your Hijab. To ensure your Hijab is secure we have a selection of Hijab Caps; Drawstring Hijab Caps, Turtle Neck Hijab Caps, Tube Hijab Caps.

1. Scrunchy
2. Hijab Cap
3. Hijab

Shop more from our Hijab Collection here.

Emelie Parkes
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