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19 May


Soft Crepe Hijab

Our new range of Soft Crepe Hijabs and Peach Skin Hijabs are currently our new go-to for this season. Delicate and lightweight in nature, the fabric is easily draped and provides beautiful layering and style.

Our soft crepe hijabs are gently textured and made from Poly Crepe Georgette which provides enough grip for hijab styles to stay firm. They are available in a range of colours ranging from Plum Fossil to Serenity. We also offer our Muted Collection which is a range of nude hijabs to suit skin tones, in Soft Crepe. All of these hijabs come in 3 sizes, Regular, Maxi or Square, to suit your styling needs. Regular hijabs are 27” by 80”, Maxi hijabs are 40” by 85” and the Square hijabs are 55” by 55”.

The Peach Skin Hijabs are incredibly soft and are available in a dose of soft colours. Weightless, versatile and easy-to-style these hijabs are perfect for everyday styling. They are available in the Regular size. If you are looking for something that is textured to have grip but still astonishingly smooth, then our Peach Skin Hijabs are the perfect pick for you.

Happy Hijab Shopping!  

Emelie Parkes
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