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4 Jun

Hijabs for All Occasions: A True Expression

Hijabs are as much about morals as they are about the freedom of choice. Era after era, Islamic women have chosen to don the hijab in lieu of their modesty and beliefs. They choose to cover because they believe it is liberating and allows them to avoid harassment.

The very word Hijab is an Arabic, word meaning barrier or partition. And now in the modern times, it really represents a state of mind and one’s own—very personal and sacred—relationship with faith. In Islam, it also sort of amalgamates a variety of principles of modesty. This includes behaviour, and dress for both males and females. The most visible form of hijab is the head covering that many Muslim women wear.

They have also become a potent part of the modest fashion revolution, ultimately sealing in the very essence of modesty itself. Consequently, at INAYAH, we take absolute pride in offering a wide selection of hijabs that would meet all your modest dressing needs. And allow you to individually express everything you stand for.


Black Soft Crepe Hijab

Hijabs - Black Soft Crepe

Black Soft Crepe Hijab

In every Muslim girl’s repertoire of scarves, a black hijab is quintessential. It is often the one she would reach out to in the morning. Or during times that require special religious reverence. Although traditionally offered in materials that weren’t very big on the comfort factor, this Black Soft Crepe Hijab surpasses that with its airy lightness. Crafted in a material that won’t feel clammy and hot, this particular hijab is opaque to a high degree. It also has enough length to suit all draping needs. Try it with one of our hijab caps for a snug and secure fit, and to keep stray hair tucked in neatly.


Sphinx Soft Crepe Hijab

Hijabs - Sphinx Soft Crepe

Sphinx Soft Crepe Hijab

For coloured hijabs, a choice of soft pastels can always work ideally for daytime wearing and hot summer days. This Sphinx Soft Crepe Hijab in a subtle shade drapes beautifully with a hint of sheer. Great to layer with caps, or for wearing folded, the fabric is smooth and will feel like a second skin. Try this hijab with all your whites, ivories, and soft pinks for some texture and thoughtful colour contrast. Also, this is a colour that would be elevated by accents of metallic accessories. Gold, silver, or rose gold. Try a pair of pearl-studded earrings or a bejewelled pin to give it an occasional twist.

Washed Lilac Grey Soft Crepe Hijabs

Hijabs - washed lilac Soft Crepe

Washed Lilax Soft Crepe Hijab

Another soft coloured number, the Washed Lilac Grey Soft Crepe Hijab reiterates a sense of femininity. Lilac is a wonderful spring-summer colour to wear on your day out. Don it to the park to read a book under the sun, or on a lunch date with your sister. Use the length to create fluid, rippling pleats or to twine it around your head, exotic turban style. Keep the rest of your colour palette just as ethereal. Finally, like all our other soft crepe hijabs, the fabric is light, breathable, and will be virtually weight free. For a series of more colours in the same material and a wide range of textured hijabs, visit our full selection here.

For an assorted line of key pieces to pair your hijabs with, visit www.Inayah.com

Emelie Parkes
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