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16 Jun

Lace Kimonos: Its All in the Details

Lace has been a favoured adornment of royalty and the favoured since times immemorial. Why even the philosopher Montaigne found words to favour this delicate fabrication that weaves together a delightful confluence of design and craft. Back to the present times, lace has indeed found its way to embellish quintessential signature pieces. Through lace kimonos, that amplify modest style with richly placed details.

Our favouritism with kimonos has been a long one. For modest dressers, kimonos are trustworthy comrades that not just infuse outward style and elegance but also help conceal and cover. And when these dainties meet a touch of lace, strategically placed to enhance and elevate, the result is simply classic and stunning. Choose from one of our favourites below, that would infuse a refreshing take on layering to pretty much any outfit out there.


Deep Plum Kimono with Lace Hem Sleeves

Plum continues to be a shade we are partial to, season after season. And this Deep Plum Kimono with Lace Hem embodies this thought, with its simple yet resplendent silhouette. Finely crafted lace panels on the sleeve hems instantly transform what otherwise could be a forgettable, plain, floor-duster. And the open front allows you to mix and match this lace kimono with a variety of inner outfit choices. Wear it confidently with pant-suits, maxi dresses, jumpsuits, skirt-blouse ensembles, and even as an upgrade over a well-worn much-loved pair of jeans. The maroon will complement blacks, browns, spruces, and even whites.

Remember, lace kimonos will provide optimal camouflage for fitted innerwear, letting you keep your modest goals and fashion ones aligned.

Lace Kimonos - Deep Plum Kimono With Lace

Deep Plum Kimono With Lace


Dark Maroon Belted Kimono with Lace

The Dark Maroon Belted Kimono with Lace is one that has the scope to become your go-to for dressier affairs. The cut of the kimono itself is simple, with an open-front wear giving way to large and flowy exaggerated sleeves. And the sleeve hems, the main hem, and the front seams feature a contrasting colour-block panel each in sand. These panels are then adorned with abject black floral lace, creating a splendid detail you will love.

Worn best with neutrals like black, the lace kimono is crafted out of soft, fuss-free fabrics. Accessorise with simple heels, and one of our luxurious soft crepe hijabs. Finally, tie the belt in a fashion you favour!

Lace Kimonos - Dark Maroon Belted Kimono With Lace

Dark Maroon Belted Kimono With Lace


Warm Sand Floral Lace Kimono

All-over lace made an appearance on SS ’18 runways everywhere from Costarellos’ to Rami Al Ali’s haute couture. A visual spectacle, this Warm Sand Floral Lace Kimono reiterates those vibes with its beautifully crafted demeanour. The kimono itself is open-front like our other selections, with inspired flute sleeves and a shift-like drop. The standout factor? Yards of beautifully-created floral lace to match all your fancies.

Because this kimono is see-through, it makes for an appropriate outer layer for other carefully chosen modest pieces. Try it over a monochrome inner outfit as shown here, or on top of a simple gown or trouser ensemble.

Finishing accessories, of course, include neutral hijabs and scarves, oversized raw-finished clutch bags, and pointy-tip courts to add to the whole effect.

Lace Kimonos - Warm Sand Floral Lace Kimono

Warm Sand Floral Lace Kimono


Brown Nude Belted Kimono with Lace

Finishing off on a high note is this shade variation of the first lace kimono we featured. The Brown Nude Belted Kimono with Lace has all the features of the dark maroon one, albeit with a stylish colour twist. Apt for daytime dressing, this kimono will add elegance to all your light-coloured outfits. Snag it, before time runs out!


Lace Kimonos - Brown Nude Belted Kimono With Lace

Brown Nude Belted Kimono With Lace

For more stylish and modest-apt lace kimonos, visit www.Inayah.com

Emelie Parkes
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