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24 Jun

Lace Modest Gowns: Hints of Culture Couture

With festivities and celebrations close at hand, our curated collection of lace modest gowns would probably put you in a graceful dilemma. Each, unique and gorgeously different. Crafted with exquisite fabrics and dainty details, these gowns are luxurious and dressy in every sense of the word.

But of course, lace is an eternal favourite of ours. And when it meets fluid, contemporary red-carpet inspired cuts, the results are poetically ethereal and the looks, poised and elegant.

For the refined modest dresser, each gown has been carefully created to capture couture gloriously. And whether you pick one for your best friend’s wedding or for another special occasion, dazzling would seem to be completely effortless with these lace modest gowns.


Pink Smoke Lace and Pleat Gown

Lace, pleats, and pink. Together, they create a harmonious state of mind! Case in point, this Pink Smoke Lace and Pleat Gown.

In a delicate shade of the faintest pink, the gown is infused with a sense of the vintage and contemporary. Topped up with a lace bodice, the overlay is a floral pattern with myriad leaves and vines. The banded collar captures a sense of sophistication, while the fitted sleeves balances out the entire silhouette; a gentle scalloping on the sleeve hem adds to the whole effect. The bodice gives way to a full pressed pleat skirt crafted in a differently textured fabric. This is subtly highlighted with a sash on the waist that can be tied either on the front or back as you fancy.

An inch of two of fabric is left sheer below the ankle, for the gown to finish off in a stunning flow. And paired with nude heels, a pair of stunning stud earrings, and maybe a brooch if you like, you will be dressed to conquer in every sense of the word.

Lace Modest Gowns - Pink Smoke Lace And Pleat Gown

Pink Smoke Lace And Pleat Gown


Mink Embellished Lace Gown

Opulent mink merges with enticing embroidery to create this stunner of a gown. The Mink Embellished Lace Gown is occasion-wear in all its glory. With motifs artfully scattered throughout, this gown expresses a keen take on lace craft. The surface ornamentation itself is on a sheer layer, lined atop the main fabric that has an ornate sheen. The silhouette is of a simple maxi; a full sleeved upper bodice that gives way to a full circular skirt.

The hems are resplendent with the lace scalloping detail, on both sleeves and the skirt. And the long, floor-length cut gives way to endless, elegant fluidity about your ankles.

The gown is radiant in its standalone form! Paired with a silky hijab and a hint or two of jewellery, it makes for perfect wedding wear. But do keep accessories to a minimum; let the gown speak for itself.

Lace Modest Gowns - Mink Embellished Lace Gown

Mink Embellished Lace Gown


Black Embroidered Kimono Sleeve Gown

And for our final top pick for lace modest gowns, we love this Black Embroidered Kimono Sleeve Gown. Chic; the very word captures the essence of it.

Plenty of textures play together in this gown. Lace overlay on the upper part, with delicate vine embroidery encapsulated with tasteful shimmer. Raw-hem finished net on the skirt to create a bit of volume, almost candid-tulle skirt inspired from yesteryears. The main fabric, rich and black with a radiant silky finish. And a velour taped belt to tie it all together.

The different textures create a high fashion look unlike another, especially since it is all in one singular tone. The cut itself is modern and replete with structural elements. Scallops, as justified with lace on sleeve hems. Kimono sleeves, the biggest player in power dressing. And a simple round neck finished off with a concealed zipper at back.

This gown needs nothing else. Wear with confidence, to that next black-tie occasion.

Lace Modest Gowns - Black Embroidered Kimono Sleeve Gown

Black Embroidered Kimono Sleeve Gown

For more lace modest gowns and occasion-wear, visit www.Inayah.com

Emelie Parkes
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