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26 Jun

Maxi and Evening Gowns to Covet

As the festive season continues with an air of celebration, indulgence, and camaraderie, occasion wear receives a new rendition. A mix of classics and new, these maxi and evening gowns are elegantly crafted for all your occasion dressing needs.

Whether you are joining your family and friends for evening meals or getting together for a jubilant function, each of these beautiful dresses will ensure a wardrobe fit for the busy social calendar. Crafted in luxurious fabrics and featuring delicate surface ornamentation, these modest dressing ensembles are not only fitting for this time of the year but will make great picks for weddings and engagements. Not to mention, styling tip will, of course, go hand in hand!


Floral Print Maxi Dress

Classic floral prints have found their way into occasion-wear season after season. From the runways of Ralph and Russo to Alice and Olivia, the rose continues to be a leitmotif much favoured for its myriad interpretation through the use of different printing techniques. Case in point, this Print Maxi Dress. Its cleverly crafted design features a princess-cut bodice giving way to a banded waist and a flared skirt. This, in turn, conceals your body shape and presents a stunning yet luxurious effect. The sleeves are semi-fitted and the round piped collar is kept simplistic.

This maxi and evening gown is apt for both day and evening wear, with its print rendered in staple neutrals; this creates a pleasing style without going overboard. And paired with our selection of open front kimonos such as this one, or worn solo for that matter, it will create a beautiful signature look for the modest dresser. Try a lilac hijab for some ethereal colour.


Maxi and Evening Gowns - Floral Print Maxi Dress

Floral Print Maxi Dress


Chloe Lace Dress in Oyster

How surreal does all-over lace look? Featuring an abstract tessellation of almost Alhambra-inspired motifs, the Chloe Dress in Oyster is all out sublime. The lace is crafted with elegant thread-work overlaid on a luxurious opaque lining. The silhouette itself is kept straight and simple to highlight the beauty of the lace. The high round collar is accentuated with a delicate scallop, and so are the sleeves and hem. And fitted to modest perfection, it is a dress that dazzles with the daintiness of oyster pearls.

Worn standalone, the dress provides ample opportunity for styling with accessories. Try a pair of intricate ethnic earrings combined with a turban-wrap hijab. Finish off with dressy shoes featuring embellishments and straps.

Maxi and Evening Gowns - Chloe Dress in Oyster

Chloe Dress in Oyster


Pink Smoke Lace and Pleat Gown

All that is pretty will feature a hint of pink, pleats, and lace. Therefore, in a true echo, this Pink Smoke Lace and Pleat Gown embodies everything that is pretty. Featuring a bodice with a floral lace overlay, the gown has been crafted with different and stunning textural play. The lace bodice gives way to a full sunburst-pleated skirt that provides plenty of volume about your ankles. The pleated layer is sheer yet has a lining with a fully opaque underskirt. This creates another dimension of texture play we were talking about. The collar has a band and the sleeves, scalloped hems.

With its vintage-meets-modern countenance, this gown is an apt day-wear choice. Wear it to a special wedding or to a friend’s garden engagement. Accessorise it with pearls, shimmery court heels, and soft coral and peach makeup to finish off the look.

Maxi and Evening Gowns - Pink Smoke Lace and Pleat gown

Pink Smoke Lace and Pleat Gown


Pink Pearl Embellished Gown with Pleat

And for our grand finale, we have the favourite Pink Pearl Embellished Gown with Pleat back in stock. This standout gown is a work of art. With its surface embellished with a scattering of beautiful dusky pearls, it creates a red-carpet-worthy festive look. The silhouette of the gown is kept simple to highlight the intricate details on the surface. A basic bodice and pleated skirt come together with a high round neck and well-cut sleeves to form a canvas for the pearls. A mixture of thread-work and pearls on an upper tulle layer creates a breathtaking take on things. The raw finished hem continues on the same note, all in all for a voluminous dress that defines modest couture.

This gown needs nothing else to shine through. Wear it alone with heels in a neutral colour, and one of our luxurious hijabs with sheen.

Maxi and Evening Gowns - Pink Pearl Embellished Gown with Pleat

Pink Pearl Embellished Gown with Pleat

For more maxi and evening gowns for a special occasion, visit www.Inayah.com

Maleeka Kashyap
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