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18 Jun

Modest Eveningwear: Editor’s Pick

Beautiful modest eveningwear forms an essential part of such a wardrobe. Dresses luxuriously crafted in exquisite fabrics. Silhouettes that define modest sensibilities. Inspired, tasteful details that reiterate a true sense of fashion. And a final look that is both aspirational and on point.

We have chosen all this and more, through this elegant Royal Draped Gown with Beading that our style editor recommends for your next big evening. Bringing sophisticated styling together with contemporary leitmotifs, this indeed is the gown to buy now.

Royal Draped Gown With Beading

With a wrap-like sunburst drape reminiscent of elegant Grecian style, this gown presents an astute sense of high fashion dressing. In a beautiful shade of royal blue—not unlike the most brilliant ink—the gown will be right at home in a formal soiree without a sense of overpowering dressing. And if you, as a modest dresser likes to create maximal impact with minimal, dainty details, this modest eveningwear pick would pretty much hit the absolute right notes.


INAYAH Modest Eveningwear Royal Draped Gown with Beading

INAYAH – Royal Draped Gown with Beading

The front of the gown forms a wrap-like draping, ruched together at the waist by a belt detail. The belt is tied at the back, while waist down, the falling pleats elegantly circle around the dress.

INAYAH Modest Eveningwear Royal Draped Gown with Beading Front

INAYAH – A wrap-like front with draped pleats

Crafted in dual layers with differently textured fabrics, the gown’s drapery unfolds without fuss. A simple round neckline always provides a classical touch. And a basic shoulder keeps things at their minimal best.

The antique beaded detail on the sleeve hem forms a trailing motif. This adds a touch of glamour, almost in the manner of a jewel-like celebratory element. This lends the gown, a graceful red-carpet-like bearing.

The gown comes fitted with a concealed zip closure for convenience. The long length of the belt allows for different types of knotting. A simple flaring at the back gives way to a hemline that has an inch or two of sheer drama.

As with most modest eveningwear, a pair of court heels would work beautifully with this gown. And if you want to uplift the look, even more, try pairing it with shoes that have beaded details. The gown can be worn with a hijab such as this, and finally, a sparkly purse or bag will complete the look.

For more modest eveningwear and inspiration, visit www.Inayah.com

Emelie Parkes
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