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7 Sep

Modest Occasionwear: Coveted Couture Updates

Within INAYAH’s repertoire of couture, modest occasionwear continues to embody high fashion and masterful crafting to bring you options that are sublime and beautiful. Carefully thought-out details, silhouettes that meet the expectations of every modest dresser, and dainty colour palettes come together to create dresses that you can wear for every important event on your social calendar. On that note, these three new options encapsulate the above, and much more for all your special day needs.


Dusty Rose Nala Jewelled Maxi Dress


Pink Embellished Modest Dress - Dusty Rose Nala Dress

Dusty Rose Nala Dress – £99.99


The maxi silhouette remains ever relevant for the modest dresser, and this Dusty Rose Jewelled Maxi Dress takes it to a whole new level. Featuring a bodice accentuated with a round neck and flute sleeves that end a tad along the wrist, the gown is instantly elevated with the use of large box pleats that drop from the waist to a full, flared and elegant hem.

This is further brought to life with the use of a crisp, luxe fabric that encapsulates a colour palette inspired by classic roses. And one that especially drapes seamlessly onto place. The attention, however, goes to the careful use of embellished motifs, scattered on the upper part of the gown, giving way to stunning trimmings along the neckline and sleeve hems. The clusters of embellishments are reminiscent of royal jewels, lending astute yet refined sheen to the gown. And their metallic accents juxtapose against the dusky pink to recreate a pairing that works beautifully for both day and night.

The Nala dress marvels with the use of simplicity against complexity. Its effortless fit and beautiful structure would suit the sensibilities of every dresser, transcending into a sophisticated style choice. Wear it standalone, with a statement jewel or two.


Peach Amber Embellished Kaftan


Peach Embellished Kaftan - Peach Amber Kaftan

Peach Amber Kaftan – £69.99


Vibrant, light, and airy, our Peach Amber Embellished Kaftan brings makes for an effortless style option for discerning modest dressers. In a pastel shade of peach, borrowing from corals to sorbets, the kaftan itself features draped finery. This trails down to a sashaying hemline, exaggerated sleeves, and an easy fuss-free cut.

Yet setting it apart are thoughtfully placed embellished motifs that recreates a starburst Moreish motif with thread work and beads. Consequently, these motifs, placed elusively on the upper front provide an instant style update to the kaftan making it apt for evenings and day occasions both. A smooth countenance, and a luxurious finish rounds off your looks as you wear it standalone or belted. Or even with accompaniments on a particularly colder day. Finish off your look with statement earrings in a similar shade of the gold as the beading, and nude or neutral white shoes. Try a darker shade for the hijab for an interesting take on things.

The kaftan is ideal for the modest wardrobe, allowing you freedom of movement while being on point for classic style. This is surely to become one of your staple go-tos.


Ash Blue Talora Beaded Maxi Dress


Blue Embellished Occasionwear Dress - Ash Blue Talora Beaded Maxi Dress

Ash Blue Talora Beaded Maxi Dress – £129.99

Juxtaposing favoured vintage elements against modern style detailing, the Ash Blue Talora Beaded Maxi Dress imbibes occasion elegance gracefully. The basic maxi receives a reinterpretation by infusing multi-dimensional texture through the use of luxurious fabrics. An embellished bodice featuring silken and iridescent floral embroidery creates a precious upper.

This gives way to a heat-set full pleated skirt that adjoins the top with the use of a lace-like trim. The hem has a barely-there scallop, while the sleeves are fitting and borrow from the dainty flowery motifs. This, combined with its dusky, powdery shade recreates a surreal occasion signature look. One that is part broderie-inspired and part contemporary style icon. Furthermore, the gown can work with pastel or light coloured hijabs, and delicate silver or pearl jewellery; especially grey or dark pearls. Finish off with elegant diamante heels and a dewy look.

The Talora dress works beautifully for daytime occasions with its subtle dressiness. Its bright, light and airy countenance is most of all apt for those who love subtle, signature looks.


For more occasion and evening gowns and wardrobe choices, visit www.Inayah.com

Emelie Parkes
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