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2 Apr

‘Modestwear’: The Dawn of the new Fashion Age

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According to a report by Thomson Reuters, in 2013, Muslims spent a total of £185 billion on clothing and footwear. In the UK, the State of the Global Islamic Economy report in 2013 projected the Muslim fashion market to be worth £100m which is estimated to double by 2018. With Muslims possessing such major spending power in the market, it’s no wonder the fashion industry is starting to take us seriously.

Now more than ever, Muslim public figures of interest, bloggers and fashion experts have been dedicated a spot in the fashion industry limelight. Modest fashion has taken a turn where celebrities and designers are now donning and designing loose-fitted, flowy maxi dresses and wide leg trousers in time for their Eid and Ramadan. We all remember when Dolce & Gabanna released their first ever collection of luxury hijabs and abayas that both received much praise and also criticism.

Modest fashion retailers such as INAYAH have evolved with the industry. Hijabis around the world are now finding it much easier to dress modestly with us. Our brand provides everything starting with modest abayas, maxi dresses, modest trousers, blouses, midis and modest shirts and most importantly hijabs. We allow Muslim women around the world to keep up with seasonal fashion trends to allow them to feel and stay fashionable and stylish always whilst upholding their modesty values.

The latest SS17 collection comprises of a range of modest and contemporary slip dresses, basic shirt abayas, maxi dresses tailored with flare for fashionable styling as well as the addition of jackets to be used for light cover ups. Current range of kimonos are timeless pieces that can be worn around the year. Our designs are minimal yet contemporary and our colour palettes range from a set of muted to pastel shades. As an addition to our timeless pieces our hijabs are also available in a complete range of fabrics to help you achieve the style you want,  available in a range of colours that have been meticulously sourced to mirror nature as well as make up and popular shades.

Find more inspiration at our main site at www.inayah.com

Emelie Parkes
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