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8 Aug

New Arrivals Online – Key Looks

With summer having arrived in full glory, INAYAH updates its repertoire with these key pieces to inspire new seasonal looks. Light, bright, and breezy, these dress-crossovers are sure to charm with their dainty and feminine countenance.


Pebble Classic Georgette Abaya

Refreshingly relaxed and subdued, this Pebble Classic Georgette Abaya is one of those go-to summer pieces that you would love to don time and again. In a subtle neutral grey inspired by the shade of water stones, the abaya is fuss-free, comfortable, and imbibed with modest style. The basic round neck leads to a boxy, flowing, shift-like silhouette up to the hem. A tad of flare in the area keeps it breezy; so does the luxe fabric georgette. The sleeves are a muted balloon, with a piped hem and a fabric button cuff. Together, they give way to endless dressy comfort. You can pair this abaya with one of our many hijabs, or wear it standalone à la a modern maxi. Strappy shoes will round off the look nicely.

New Arrivals - Pebble Classic Georgette Abaya

Pebble Classic Georgette Abaya


Violet Inbar Satin Edged Kaftan

Kaftans speak with ease! Organically shaped yet so stylish; hence perfect for the modest fashionista to style for the summer. This Violet Inbar Satin Edged Kaftan is no different, presenting a graciously styled number to suit every kind of dresser out there. In a rich and bright shade of aubergine, the kaftan plays with multi-dimensional texture. Smooth sheers are overlaid with satin and opaque linings. The result is a gorgeous work of art apt for occasion dressing and formal events. The round neckline features a necklace style motif crafted out of embellishments which also trickles down to the shoulders. The wide sleeves are cut in a manner to provide oodles of cascades as you move. And finally, the multi-level hem and overall look portray ethereal yet simplistic summer decadence. Wear it standalone, with sky-high heels and a hint of a metallic accessory.

New Arrivals - Violet Inbar Satin Edged Kaftan

Violet Inbar Satin Edged Kaftan


Dusty Rose Nala Jewelled Maxi Dress

And finally, in our countdown of new wardrobe stars, the Dusty Rose Nala Jewelled Maxi Dress holds a special relevance. Exquisitely crafted to embody high-end dressing with myriad accents of summer, this maxi dress is classic and chic. A round-neck bodice gives way to a box-flared skirt, that is kept plain to highlight the beautiful placement motif embellishments scattered throughout the rest of the dress. A further highlight includes embroidered bands accenting the sleeve hems and neckline that is kept round and simple. The sleeves are a light flute, and enclosures, concealed.

With its elegant simplicity and carefully chosen surface ornamentation, the Nala dress is a great option to wear during a day-time occasion or celebration. Pair it with rose-gold or silver jewellery, and nude, foundation-inspired shoes. Add a bloom to your hair if you are feeling a tad experimental.

New Arrivals - Dusty Rose Nala Jewelled Maxi Dress

Dusty Rose Nala Jewelled Maxi Dress


For more new key pieces, and style inspiration, visit www.Inayah.com

Emelie Parkes
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