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10 Aug

New Modest Skirts: The Ballerina Resurrection

Tulle skirts, traditionally used by ballerinas in their tutus, or by a generation of women as a voluminous underskirt under gowns have turned into a signature fashion look. Yards and yards of sashaying Tulle overlaid on different types of lining makes for an elegant and very feminine key piece. Consequently, this recurring trend has almost reached a classic status, what with these type of skirts making an appearance on runways, season after season. Consequently, in 2018, Dior couture and Moschino runways are of special note for the ingenious reinterpretation of the ballerina skirt.

But of course, for the modest dresser, an ankle length tulle skirt presents myriad opportunities to style fashion-forward looks on point. Either of our two favourites will redefine this fuss-free and beautiful garment.


Black Alia Ballerina Skirt

The Black Alia Ballerina Skirt features layer upon layer of soft tulle creating an almost full maxi skirt-like countenance. In the deepest of blacks, the skirt has fine gathered ruching at the waistline that creates finely detailed pleats. In addition, a luxurious tweed-weave belt encapsulates this, looking almost like a ribbon. A raw-finished hem completes the look, placed delicately and barely below the ankles. And with its beautiful dark neutral colour, glamorous movement, and full coverage, every modest fashionista can wear it with ample flair. Paired with classic-cut blouses, high neck tops, or dressier bodices, the skirt comes together for an especially-relevant, power-dressed evening look. Adding a pop of colour through a bright accessory or scarf can keep things interesting too!

Feeling more street-style? Try a jersey tee and a pair of wedge trainers and a sporty hijab drape with the skirt.


Modest Skirts - Black Alia Ballerina Skirt Detail

Black Alia Ballerina Skirt Detail


Burgundy Asha Beaded Ballerina Skirt

Similar to the Alia skirt, the Burgundy Asha Beaded Ballerina skirt reiterates feminine grace and elegance. Consequently, this is further amplified with carefully thought-after beaded details below the waist. In a shade of shimmering rust, this skirt also is crafted with multiple layers of tulle. A solid lining recreates the full movement of a typical ballerina skirt. The floral beaded motif instantly provides a dressier lift, rather perfect for wearing it on special occasions. As with the previous skirt, a raw finished hem and plenty of volume keep things contemporary and stylish. This one will pair nicely with darker, contrasting shades although an idea of a single-palette outfit is intriguing too. Most of all, show off your best heels under this skirt and take it up a notch by throwing on a floor-dusting open-front jacket or a stunning gold, exaggerated necklace.


Modest Skirts - Burgundy Asha Ballerina Skirt

Burgundy Asha Ballerina Skirt


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Emelie Parkes
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