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16 Mar

We’re proud to use natural fibres and fabrics!

INAYAH - Stone Ramie Kimono with Lace

At INAYAH we are proud to say that all of our items are created with the finest of natural fibres and fabrics.

Why do we use natural fibres we hear you ask? We believe that as well as considering important aspects such as price, size, fit and comfort when buying clothes, it is also important to consider what materials your wardrobe consists of.

Not only must we detox our bodies, it’s also important to take great care of what we put on our bodies. Synthetic materials require various chemical processes and solvents to be used to make the fabric usable for clothing. On the other hand, natural fibres such as cotton, silk, linen and wool are the main natural materials used to create our collections.

As well as this, other points to consider are also the fact that natural fibers are more sustainable, eco-friendly and of course definitely a better investment. Do you ever wonder why the clothes you bought 10-15 years ago are still in much better condition than the ones you bought over a year ago? Synthetic fibres are currently being used more heavily in the industry.

We say to opt for a healthy, balance and natural lifestyle by adopting a wardrobe comprising of natural fibres and fabrics. 

Our abayas, maxi dresses, trousers and tops are all completely ethically produced. A lot of our work is based in-house and we source the highest quality of material, as well as selecting premium colours from the offset so that our vision and goals of what we want to design and create are clear and easy to materialise.

Browse our latest Spring/Summer ’17 collection here where you will find an array of Spring enthused items in shades of Rose Taupe, Sky Blue, Nude and Brown tones. Whether it’s an abaya, maxi dress, kimono or a hijab you are looking for, be sure to know that we have what you want!

Emelie Parkes
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