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Shop for a Cause – Al Ansari

In June 2015, INAYAH collaborated with the Al Ansari Foundation for a Ramadhan Appeal. INAYAH used our platform to fund an amazing project set by the Al Ansari charity, who are dedicated to bringing out positive changes in remote areas of Africa.

INAYAH customers were able to ‘Shop for a Cause’ via our website where 100% of all proceeds generated were donated towards the construction of a life-saving water reservoir in Kokota; a remote island of 500 people who suffered a great deal due to contaminated and poisonous water. Part of their daily struggle involved having to travel 8-10 hours a day in search of clean water, where women, children and babies suffered the most.

The construction of the water reservoir helped supply clean water within adequate reach which in turn aimed to save the lives of many.

Shop for a Cause - Zanzibar

With your help we have created water wells in Izimkazi & Mangapawani. Prior to the opening of the well, villagers only had access to salty water which was used both for domestic purposes as well as drinking which inevitably had severe health effects on families. The new well now provides water for 3 neighbouring villages, over 500 families, which is approximately 2500 people benefitting from clean and safe drinking water on a daily basis.

May Allah swt reward you all for your assistance and contribution.

You can continue to support and donate to the Al Ansari Foundation via http://www.al-ansarifoundation.org/