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Shop for a Cause – Human Appeal

“You couldn’t imagine a more ravished situation even if you tried. Imagine being forced to flee your beloved homeland after it’s been destroyed after years of conflict. Your home has been demolished and your family brutally murdered. You cross the border into neighbouring countries but you’re banned from working. You’re forced to leave. With nowhere to go, you make the perilous journey to Europe in the back of a boat, huddled together with dozens of other refugees in animal-like conditions. You see some die on the way – drowning, through illness or pregnancy.

When you finally make it to Europe, barbed wire is erected to stop you entering. You’re trapped. The nights are cold and rainy. There is no access to shelter and very little food or water. You gather around an open fire in a cold, rain-soaked field. You sleep, leaning against a wall.

The whole world has abandoned you. You feel hopeless, rejected and terrified.” – Human Appeal

INAYAH have teamed up with @humanappeal who are working tirelessly to provide emergency relief for refugees from places like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere who desperately need help in Europe.

As of midnight, 100% of all sales proceeds made on the 10th September will be donated to help distribute emergency refugee packs to those suffering this humanitarian crisis. Life-saving emergency refugee packs consist of essentials such as food, blankets, hygiene packs and first aid for adults and children.

For more details please visit humanappeal.org.uk