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31 May

SLEEP – Part 1 of 3 – OLIVIAH



Sleep is one marker of many for good health, and how much each of us needs varies. I know I am a seven – eight hour person, any less and I really feel like I am lagging through the day, although I know many that can survive on a healthy six hours.

Science today still doesn’t understand the exact connection between sleep and the immune system but I am sure most of us have experienced times we are feeling very weak and run down and often these are times when we have gone through a period where we have not slept as much as we normally would. I think most would agree that the more you are sleep deprived, the more your defences are down?

Research today is finding the link between our gut health and sleep. Have you ever found when you have lack of sleep that you are more irritated by things or people and you find your memory lapses or you have slight confusion? A study by the University of Rochester, New York found that our brain cells shrink while we sleep, allowing fluid to wash away by-products from around the cells more readily before sending them off for detoxification. When we are awake, the space between those cells is dramatically restricted. It is interesting to know and think how sleep is so important to our body’s detox process. This study does illustrate mechanisms that make this process of detoxing possible. I certainly do find that during a cleanse period I often need more sleep than usual and I awake feeling heaps better the next day if I allow my body to sleep more if it needs it.

Emelie Parkes
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