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23 Mar

Style Picks for Elegant Kimonos with Lace

Kimonos with lace elevate any fashion piece to fabulous in an instant. From an era of Chantilly musings to laser-cut repertoires, delicate lace lends elegance and fits into most fashion sensibilities. Whether used as a dainty beaded detail on a well-rounded maxi skirt or to layer a stylish-cut blouse, this artisinal element of clothing deserves its due homage. Case in point, details on gracefully crafted modest fashion kimonos with lace. When these two trends collide, the result is a delightful merger of discerning style alongside plenty of outfit possibilities.

At INAYAH we love these kimonos with lace that can break the monotony of any outfits. This instantly updates modest wardrobe basics underneath to high fashion. Versatile and minimal enough to be worn for all kinds of occasions, these kimonos are will become your go-to choice for a sophisticated fashion style.

Lace Detail on Kimono Hems:

When used masterfully on the hem of elegant kimonos, lace panels can elevate these modest fashion key pieces to newer heights. From broad calf-sized panels to just a scatter, tone-on-tone lace details sashaying about your ankles makes for maximal style with minimal fuss. Try these two variations this season, together with inspired style ideas.

Rose Georgette Kimono with Lace Hem


kimonos with lace in Rose

INAYAH – Rose Georgette Kimono with Lace Hem


kimonos with lace Rose Close Up Details

INAYAH – Lace Detail on Kimono Hem

For all your lights and brights, this Rose Georgette Kimono with Lace Hem will keep your outerwear on point. Featuring a delicate, almost broderie anglaise-style lace panel on the hem minus a lining, the kimono is suited for all sorts of inner-wear including dresses, jumpsuits, or a top and bottom ensemble. How about a wearing it belted, with a bright pop of colour underneath? The lace illusion panel will provide a nice contrast, while the kimono’s free size will ensure a beautiful modest fit.

Stylish mono tone Kimonos with Lace Hem


kimonos with lace in Charcoal

INAYAH – Charcoal Georgette Kimono with Lace Hem


kimonos with lace Charcoal Close Up Details

INAYAH – Lace Detail on Kimono Hem

A dark version of the rose kimono, this Charcoal Georgette Kimono with Lace Hem instantly enthuses power dressing charm, while being just as versatile. Pair this one with a mono-tone layer, or opt for a tad of experimentation with neutral contrasting. Our kimonos with lace are free-sized too, with a modest fit while the fabric drapes beautifully without crinkles. A tip; you can possibly wear this kimono with a pair of high-style booties and a crepe hijab for ultimate sophistication.

Unexpected Lace Details:

Sleeve styles allow plenty of room for fuss-free detailing; we see classical elements making an appearance time and again during changing seasons. And it is no different for panels of strategically placed lace on kimono sleeves. For your modest fashion wardrobe, these two kimonos bring about an air of contemporary styling, that can be enjoyed during both night and day.

Black Kimonos with lace


kimonos with lace in Black

INAYAH – Black Kimono with Lace


kimonos with lace Black Close Up Details

INAYAH – Lace Detail on Kimono Sleeves


Featuring see-through panels up to your elbows, this Black Kimono with lace features a modern interpretation of French Guipure in a stunning, floral pattern. Free-sized, and crafted in an elegantly draping fabric, the kimono can be skilfully paired with almost all outfits and accessories. Black, being the king of neutrals wears well with most colours, while the lace detail makes for an interesting take on redefining a flute-sleeved silhouette. Try wearing it with contrasts for a fun and more playful style.

Plum Kimono with Lace

kimonos with lace in Plum

INAYAH – Plum Kimono with Lace


kimonos with lace in Plum Close Up Details

INAYAH – Lace Details on Kimono Sleeves

Deep-hued plum makes for a great evening-wear option. This Plum Kimono with Lace,with its rich tones highlights the lacework in an entirely different manner! Great to pair with lighter colours, such as ivory and beige, the kimono, as with all of INAYAH’s classics have a lot of modest styling versatility. Put on a pair of nude court shoes, a bracelet to peek through the lace, and a scarf matching with your inner outfit, and you are ready to go.

These are only but a few of our kimonos with lace showcasing structural, minimalist silhouettes. For more style inspiration on kimonos with lace, go onto www.inayah.com to see the entire range available to you.

Emelie Parkes
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