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I told myself not to get anything. I failed. Hahaha. When I found out @inayahc opened a pop up store in Westfield, I had to go no matter what. I had to see for myself what the garments looked like in person! But I witnessed more than that. It was the consistency in their brand – from the products, to the setting, to the people behind it. Everything represented modesty and sophistication. MashaAllah.

For the brains behind the Muslimah apparel brand (and of course to all others out there as well) may Allah reward you for first, working hard in this dunya as was commanded to us, and secondly, for choosing a sector which provides for sisters all around for akhiraah. For each sister who covers up using your garment(s) inshaAllah you will also be rewarded for it. Ameen.

@ilihizzad (Instagram), SEA



I ordered from them last year and I received my items in less than a week and I live in Toronto. The quality of the jersey hijabs was excellent. I am placing my order soon inshallah. 

@amanitosa (Instagram)



Just received my order. Delivery was amazing, didn’t have to wait around, knew exactly when it was going to come and the product is absolutely amazing! Very hard for me to find something my size as I am very skinny but I have to say the abaya I ordered fits me perfectly. Arms are tight just the way I like it and love the way it flows. Thank you so much for creating this product. It was a pleasure shopping from you. Will soon be be buying more items in’sha’Allah. Thank you once again.

@iqrxnxz__x (Instagram)



Everything I wear is: Inayah! Literally!! I love Inayah! MashaAllah you’re Awesome! I feel so happy when I’m wearing anything from Inayah. Inayah is definitely a 5 star company! And I feel so blessed to have come across it Alhamdulillah! May Allah bless you for all your hard work and time put into your excellent products! Mashallah keep up the great work!

@withloveheba (Instagram)



I received my order within 2 days after confirmation and I’m in Brunei! Excellent service! Keep it up! 

@alinitunamaku (Instagram)



I ordered these crossover trousers and they came today! They’re so nice and comfortable – thank you!

@nrnchry (Instagram)



Hello INAYAHC, your company has the best customer service, I live in the US and received my order within 3 days! My dream is to have everything on your website, my closet is literally full of your clothes. You guys are the best company with hijabi fashion, the quality of your clothes are incredibly amazing! Your prices are great too! You have the best Muslima clothes in the world. I can’t stop buying clothes from you! I love your company so much!

@zizuziza (Instagram)



Please please please come to Canada. I crossed my fingers and ordered something from you online for once in my life. I was not disappointed. The quality of your clothing is remarkable. I will most definitely be buying from you again. Especially if you come to Canada, as then I wouldn’t have to pay the crazy shipping fees. For all those deciding on whether to buy from @inayahc or not, do not hesitate. It is completely worth it! Sorry long message but worth the read if you’re wanting to know the quality of their clothing.

@aslammarz (Instagram)



Love it! My family and I bought so many items from you guys, all delivered and wrapped so beautifully! Amazing quality clothes and accessories. Very professional and consistent. I live in NY and all my orders shipped fast. Your prices are reasonable as well! So far everything I have tried fits beautifully and love the way the garment is cut. I feel elegant and got numerous compliments. Keep up the good work!




Assalamualaikum inayah, alhamdulillah today i received my order, it was a pleasure to shopping one of your beautiful collection. The material was really nice and soft , and i’m so happy with it. Will do buy more from you!! Thankyou so much inayah️
Sabrina Shuib



I am from the US as well and I ordered recently…Love the items I bought My friends loved my outfits too and their shipping is very fast ( like three days I think ).




THANK YOU SO MUCH INAYAH, Your customer care service is amazing and your delivery is superb. I was so scared that my order will not be delivered on time but it was delivered much earlier that expected.. My order was received a day after I placed it, I will definitely order from you again soon. 




I wore my new camel colour coat (Camel Waistcoat) today the one that is shown in this video and it looked amazinggggg, I love the fabric and the quality and I got sooo many compliments on how beautiful it looked. I really really love it and will definitely be buying more thins from you!!!




I love the skirt (Vintage Floral Skirt)  Masha’Allah!! I bought a few items from you a while ago and I must say the quality of the material is fantastic – especially the berry maxi skirt you had on sale! Loved the material ! 




I got this abaya (Wheat Knitted Maxi Dress) weeks ago, and I literally live in it!! Love the fabric it’s just the perfect AW ABAYA ever!!!!




I love the skirt (Vintage Floral Skirt) masha’Allah !! I bought a few items from you a while ago and I must say the quality of the material is fantastic – especially the berry maxi skirt you had on sale ! Loved the material !.




I ordered the (Grey Arya Evening Gown) yesterday and it arrived this morning! Very very happy with delivery and the dress is so flattering. Thank you!  love your collection




I bought this (White Summer Lace Dress) and got so many compliments as it looked amazing on. First time iv’e ordered from you and so glad you do  a short length in it as am really short and maxi dresses are too long for me but this was a perfect fit. 




I ordered this (Rose Ruffle Midi) and got it yesterday, really love it! And the little inspiring quote book is lovely! Thank u. 




Just received this beautiful (Olive Maxi Shirt Dress). Your prices may seem a bit high but the quality of ur outfits and hijabs def match it. I admire your collection specially the hijabs such a wide range of colours. So glad 2 have finally found a modest yet fashionable clothes n hiijabs collection. Please continue to do shorter lengths in dresses for da petite ladies like myself 🙂 also would be useful 4 all customers if u had an option ur website 2 add a review to an item bought. 




I’m so in love with this feminine and totally classy look! For those like me though that want the look but are struggling with money, did you know that right now Inayah has two similar dresses in their sale section? A blush structured hijab, easy to just throw on for those that want the look but not the hassle and a lovely pleated chiffon peach dress that is completely feminine (also comes in blue) I just ordered mine, masha Allah, and Im so excited about it! I ordered a cream maxi jersey hijab to match as I like my hijab to cover my bust too. smile emoticon Seriously, Im in love with Inayah clothing,I have bought 3 dresses and I gave away a nice hijab from here, and I keep coming back for more. Two of my dresses, were cheap onsale and basic (under £30) so I just throw them on, but still I get compliments. My very favorite was the Royal blue knotted dress, its gorgeous! Its just lovely so I keep it for special events, but it really was not that expensive. If you are in doubt about buying I just have to say please go for it sisters, you are unlikely to be disappointed! heart emoticon

Tanya Mcmurry



Just received the mink version of this abayah (Mink Highneck Cotton Abaya)  through the post. It’s a beautiful material. So comfy to wear. The material is quality. I like the fact that it’s lined too so I can get away with wearing leggings underneath without having to worry about the shape showing through light. JazakAllah khayr

Mariam Qureshi



Guys I cannot explain how happy I am upon receiving my INAYAH merchandise. I’m honestly already thinking of getting more items. They’re so good (quality and aesthetic wise)!. 

Sadeek Ali



Lovely! iv’e just got my (Off White Touch Hijab).. such beautiful material! Brilliant! 🙂 

Feedback via Instagram, UK



As Salam Aleykoum just received my first order after so many time dreaming of your beautiful abayas, and I just fall in love with the quality and the beauty of your products!!! You’re the Chanel of muslim women !!! Just can’t wait for a new order… Love from a french new revert  Sabba

Feedback via Instagram, FRANCE



I can’t wait for the new line! I bought the (Black Crepe Cape) from you guys and I’m always getting complimented on it! entrepreneurnr

Feedback via Instagram, UK



My absolute fave dress (Dusty Blush High Neck Cotton)  in the entire world I cant believe how much I love it. Its the dusty blush high neck cotton Abaya from INAYAH and im gunna make sure I get every other colour in it. You can dress it up for an evening do and dress it down for a casual day. Works for both.

I.Khalid, UK



Mine came today, I love it! Amazing quality (Silver Brocade Dress). Pictures don’t do this gown justice! Thank you for the amazing service. 

Feedback via Instagram, UK



I used to avoid INAYAH I don’t know why..I just had in my head that the items will not be worth it as you can get similar styles from other places for half the price. Gosh I cannot believe I actually thought that !! After purchasing one abayah last year ever since I continue to shop from INAYAH the products are of superb quality.. I always feel so glamorous in the abayahs..even if it’s just a plain one..The fitting is beautiful always..The materials are always rich and glorious to feel..I have finally got my hands on a few I’ve wanted for a while..but I’ve not been able to wear them..I actually wait for a special day to wear abayas from INAYAH for the very first time before I start wearing them on a daily basis.. sad I know but they just are that beautiful..In love I am..I guess this can count as a review as I’m never able to do it when the email is sent. P.s. I cannot wait for INAYAHOUTLET to go live.

Feedback via Instagram, UK



INAYAH Just received my (knitted midi dress) today. The quality of fabric is superb and i love the zip detailing. As being my first purchase I am very impressed. Well worth the money. Will be ordering again for sure.

Feedback via Instagram, UK



I have to say I love you as company ! I am highly impressed. Not only is the service you provide impeccable but also the quality of the clothing is pristine. I am obsessed with your dresses/abayas and I am loving the stylish flare. Because of you I am now wearing more abayas more as opposed to standard clothes which I would never dream of doing. You have created an amazing twist on the abaya and I am also loving the point system. I currently have £15 worth of points which I am intending to spend. You cater to all albeit the high end abayas to the casual looks. Thanks again for always delivering such an amazing service and also quick response time to my questions and queries. 

Feedback via Instagram, UK



Dear INAYAH, I was ecstatic to wear my new INAYAH dress to a wedding this weekend in Durban, South Africa.The dress was a hit! So so beautiful and elegant. The quality and finish was impeccable. Even the scarf was a winner.  Thank you so much! Raeesa

Raeesa, South Africa



Thank you so much for your attention – I have received the DHL email with the tracking number and am looking forward to wearing my new dress! I’d just like to say that I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of your clothes and your inspirational style at Inayah. I have bought four dresses so far (with another few on the way) and have been thrilled with all of them mashaAllah – well worth the price! It’s very difficult to find length options for dresses, let alone abayas so this tall hijabi is very pleased. I have been gushing about Inayah to all my friends and will be wearing a few Inayah pieces to my brother’s wedding, as will the mother of the groom 🙂 Barakallahufeekum! Ayesha

Ayesha, International



Dear INAYAH, after all the problems we encountered with my delivery address, I am ecstatic to inform you that my Inayah package arrived yesterday in Durban, South Africa. I am thoroughly pleased with the quality of the white lace dress as well as my hijab. Once again, Inayah never disappoints 🙂 Thank you so much! I will be sure to send through a photo of the dress once I have worn it. Kind regards, Raeesa

Raeesa, UK



Asalamo alykom INAYAH, Since the moment I discovered your collection I’ve been dreaming and wishing to buy this dress, its been a year now and i finally have it alhamdolilah!! Mashallah tabarak Allah la Quwata il Bilah it’s even more beautiful then i thought it would be! I love it so much!! The material and everything about it is so perfect! It doesn’t just look good but it also feels good wearing it!I am so pleased with everything you have to offer, all your products are absolutely gorgeous!! I am now officially addicted to Inayah mashallah ( lol 😛 ). I have four products from your collection hoping to inshallah own each and every item in your collection one day inshallah 😀 Thank you so very much Inayah for making beautiful modest clothing! 🙂

Feedback via Instagram, UK



Dear INAYAH, I hope everything is running well especially after the busy period of Eid and would like to thank your hard efforts in delivering my beautiful abaya in time for Eid. INAYAHhas inspired me to dress modestly and has given me confidence in my dressing and to others living in the west and has made me proud as a muslimah, therefore I have decided to wear an abaya for college. Yours Sincerely, Mariyam Arif

Mariyam Arif, UK



Salaam, I just wanted to say thank you for sending me an extra scarf with my order. It was my first time shopping from INAYAH and I was very pleased with what I received. Kind regards, Sanna

Sanna, UK


Salaam sister, Thank you for my INAYAH dress I ordered for Eid. I absolutely adored it! Your designs are so unique and gorgeous! Insha’Allah looking forward to buying from you in the future. Kind regards, Zoya.

Zoya, UK



Salam INAYAH Team,I trust this email finds you in the best of health & Iman.Thank you greatly for your efficiency. All items were amazingly gorgeous. I must say, it’s about time a team of artist have arrived and created such a classy yet modest woman wear.Alhumdulilah. Peace & Prayers.Aysha

Aysha, UK



Dear INAYAH, I have received parcel on Monday. Just want to say thank you it was delivered according to your Eid cut of service.  I have been reading many messages from your customers on facebook and instragram and how lots of your customers starting to criticize your services and communication, which i would say was unfair and wrong.  You have informed all your customers about the the Eid cut off services and did explain in detail, however many customers starting to panic because they didn’t thing they would get their goods on time and found it easy to criticize your work and service on instragram and every customer would justsay the same comment again and again and no matter how many time you havereplied to them, to not make comments like that over instragram and would kindly ask them to email you but again it was easy for the customers not to be patient but publicly criticize your work and service and yet do not know the hard effort that goes behind and when their are problems that they are out of your hands and you cannot to anything about it.  Anyway hope you had a great Eid and your offer amazing Islamic clothes which i love so much because before i used to struggle to find myself modest clothing which i could wear to work and when i am not at work.  Your abayas are perfect, it just what i was looking for.Kind regards.Sanam

Sanam, UK



Salaam, This is just a quick e-mail to say Thank you. I’ve received my items and they are perfect Masha Allah. I order from various companies but I have to say the quality of Inayah garments are great and the service you provide is truly professional Masha Allah. It just keeps getting better. Keep it up and may Allah grant your business every success in shaa Allah. Sufia Wahab

Sufia Wahab, UK



Hi there, I just wanted to say a quick thank you  for my latest purchase which was the black basic abaya. As you may have noticed ,I am a loyal inayah fan and have been purchasing items for the last year. I think your designs are outstanding and I receive so many compliments when dressed in the dresses. I have also received some halal sweets which was so kind of you. I can’t wait to try them at Iftar time. Thanks again.

Feedback via Instagram, UK



Asalaamu alaikum:) I just wanted to write briefly to tell you that my dresses arrived on Friday! They are absolutely beautiful! 🙂 MashaAllah!  They fit perfectly, exactly to the measurements on your website.  The fabrics are soft, breathable, have a bit of stretch – and yet provide perfectly modest coverage of all necessary curves due to their excellent design. I will definitely be ordering again. Jazzakallah for such excellent product and service. Kay

Kay, UK



Wa ‘alaykum assalam wa rahmatullah INAYAH Admin, thank you so much for your fast help, the delivery was done fast and correct. I love these 2 dresses and my husband is in love with them too. I can just say GREAT WORK and FAST HELP from your side. Thanks so much!! InshAllah in future I’ll order for sure more!! May Allah bless you!! Nicole

Nicole, UK



I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you. My dress was perfect and I’m so glad it came on time in the colour that I wanted. Everyone loved it and I cant wait to order from INAYAH again. The customer service was fantastic!!!

Feedback via Instagram, UK



Sellam aleykom  I’m in love with your whole collection, your abayas are all very comfy but I’m in love the most with Black Structured Abaya. I get the most compliments on that one ( not that I’m looking for attention) but people always notice that one on me the most. Plus it fits perfectly on my whole body. Please get more colors, I will buy all of them PROMISE. Thank you and keep up the good work. I’m your #1 fan. May Allah swt increase you in your business. You can never get enough of Abayas. lol ♥ 

Feedback via Instagram, UK



Assalamu alaikum sisters, Thank you for your answer. I did receive the dress, and surprisingly.. it fit perfectly! Alhamdulillah, I am really glad. Usually customers take their time to complain, but hardly ever to express their satisfaction. Well I just want to take 2 minuts to let you know that I really like your brand and I wish you all the best. Even though I have always liked the products before buying them, it has always been a nice surprise to receive them and discover their high quality. What makes it even better is your flawless relation with your clients.. I mean, your fellow sisters! Alhamdulillah, I hope this message will keep you motivated, because you are beautifully serving the cause of our religion.. in a very feminine and sweet way 🙂 Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to dress modestly, and still feel feminine.I love you for the sake of Allah, and I wish He grant you success, in this life and in the hereafter.

Feedback via Instagram, UK



Salaam un alaikum, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the new range of your rayon hijabs. I’m loving their material, especially since my skin is very sensitive, and these scarves make wearing my hijab so much easier and comfortable! May God (swt) reward you all for your efforts insha’Allah. 🙂 Fi’amanillah Jasmine

Jasmine, UK



Asalamualaikum, I just wanted to say that I have received my purchases and I absolutely love them all thanks INAYAHx

Feedback via Instagram, UK



I received my dress and I am sooooo pleased with the service, delivery and the quality of clothing it is the first time I have bought clothes from an Islamic clothing website and the quality of clothing is great. I will definitely tell my friends and other muslim women. Great job Inayah and thank you.

Feedback via Instagram, UK



I just received the shipment and I want to say thank you for the amazing dresses and sheylas. I love each piece. 



I received my inayah dress just an hour ago and it is so beautiful Masha’Allah thank you very much!! Plus the delivery timing was excellent I was really surprised. Literally in love with it 🙂 Deffo will be shopping with your firm in the future.



I ordered a couple of your abayahs and im VERY suprised with the great quaility you offer on your abayahs. I LOVEE the KNIT abayah. 



Absolutely love the quality of the abayas! I recently received one as a gift and I plan on taking it with me to Umrah, inshAllah; always have speedy shipping as well!



I’ve just received your Inayah evening gown in teal and I absolutely love it! It’s even nicer than in the picture. Thank you for the fast delivery and amazing product. The material, the fit, the shape, the colour is perfect so thanks again.



Just wanted to say that I just ordered some hijabs on Tuesday and I just received them today in the United States. Thank you so much for amazing fast service and I LOVE all the hijabs- they’re gorgeous.



Assalamualaikum! I bought the pink Zahrah gown a while back… I wore it on my book launch; it was beautiful!! The material, the colour, the cut…and above all neither the modesty nor the style quotient was compromised on! It was a dream of a dress! Keep up the great work!



I just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service and amazingly quick shipping !I have received the hijabs today and as always I am very pleased with them.May Allah bless you with sucess for the honest service you bring to muslim ladies around the world !



Alhamdulillah I am a very happy customer due to your excellent products which are worth it’s money. The delivery is fairly swift too with prompt updates. 



Omg i just got my order and i am totallyy in loveeee!!!!! Just loveee !!! Thank you so much!! Im like: where were you guys all those years?! Loveee!! Thank you so much, Allah bless you all ♥



I received my order yesterday and something very different then what most people wear…it’s absolutely beautiful and really well made, really happy and will be purchasing some more items hopefully 🙂



Im hoping to inshallah one day own every item you have on line because I’m in love with your style and uniqueness!  I’m so happy I found you on line.. as you know problems may accrue here & there but I’m really happy you deal with them to the customers satisfaction! 



I recently ordered from you and I’ve received them and wore one of the shirt dresses I’m in love with your boutique!!!I got so many compliments on the material and style I’m so happy alhamdilillah and Ma sha Allah your business and may you continue to thrive in this beautiful boutique! I shall order again soon in sha Allah.Much love, Marina xx



I just received my order from Inayah, and I would like to say that I am so impressed at how quickly I received my orders considering I live in Australia. I am so happy with the clothing that I bought. They are current and stylish and yet modest and conservative. I absolutely am in love with the orders and cannot wait till my next purchase. I will definitely be ordering more soon Insha’Allah. Thank you for everything!



Asalaamu alaykum, I can not thank you enough for sending my purchase in time for Saturday! I absolutely love the dress, and can not wait to wear it! Thank you so so much! May Allah give you a lot more success, may He put more barakah into your business. Ameen. JazakAllahu khayr



Assalaamalekum, I received my ordered items yesterday and I was very happy with the styles and the scarves, loved the material. Keep up your good work, and I will definetly be ordering again!!!!



Salam inayah hope your doing well I am just writing a review to let you know to keep up the fantastic work that your doing. I was never keen on jersey material until I purchased it from you. The quality of your service and the care that goes into your designs is truly commendable inshaAllah may your business always prosper ameen x



Dear Inayah, I would like to thank you very much for your services, you helped me a lot and thanks to you I received my order that I waited for impatiently, i really appreciate your clothes for the quality! Thanks for existing, thanks to you the woman with hijab can feel classy and modern. Thank you so much and best Regards. Sihem



I received my order today in Brooklyn, NY. Thank you for delivering in time. I was impressed with the packaging and the great workmanship of the dress. I hope to shop again soon! Peace, Mariya



I received my order today and I am blown away by how amazing everything is! The quality is superb and everything fit exactly how I wanted it. I was also pleased with the super fast shipping. All in all, I think I’m addicted to your website lol, thank you for such great service as always:) Jazzakum Allahu khairan. (Dalia)



I have received the dress today – earlier than expected!  I just wanted to say thank you very much for dealing with this so quickly. The gown is lovely . Again, my sincere thanks for your brilliant service and lovely designs!



Salaam. I just want to thankyou for my order. I love my grey essentials abaya its luks so modest n is perfect fitting. Thankyou n can’t w8 to order more. Jzk x (Shakila)



Très jolie les modèles sont vraiment unique .Je suis satisfaite de ma commande et je recommanderai une troisième fois c’est sûre. (Saraa)



I am very grateful for the dedication, time & effort you & your team spend to thoughtfully produce modest clothes. This is why I Love INAYAH & want to buy from here whenever possible. I recently started wearing the abaya & it can be a difficult transition. But feeling happy & beautiful wearing modest abaya’s is very important during the transition & that’s where Inayah has hit the nail on the head! Your collection has allowed people like me to be absolutely comfortable in this life changing choice. From wearing skinny jeans & tight tops to trying to build a modest wardrobe can be a big step for some & I hope Allah rewards you & everyone in your team for your sincerity & facilitating this process for people like myself. (Farzana)



Assalamualaykum, I got to wear my dress today and alhamdulillah i loved it and got dozens of compliments on it! Cant wait for your future occasion-wear pieces- i know this wont be my last purchase from inayah!  Wishing you the best of luck, and jazakallahu khairun! Many thanks, Tasneem



Hi, I received my shipment, I must say the delivery was very fast. I loved the Abaya, its beautiful, very comfortable yet stylish. It totally defines me..thank you for the great service. (Reshma)



Salaam, I was very excited to receive my goodies. The Georgette hijabs are georgeously soft and a perfect length to wrap around a few times. I think I will be ordering more! Jazakhallah for the wonderful items and can’t wait for your new collection. (Lina)



Assalamo Alaykom,J’espère que vous vous portez bien.Je me permets de vous envoyer deux petites photos personnelles avec vos bijouxque j’ai porté et qui ont fait ravage lors du mariage machALLah .Il s’agit du foulard ,magnifique qui tient tout seul sur la tête comme par magie , pas besoin d’épingles ,ni prise de tête ,la matière est juste magnifique ,une belle couleur ,un beau drapé , un beau tombé..Et la robe que Dire ?!!! Elle est juste splendide ,je me suis cru Dans les comptes des milles et une nuits ,une princesse d’un jour …La matière ,la couleur..Je tenais a vous remercier aussi pour le service clients ,l’équipe de Inayah pour sa patience ,son professionnalisme ,la sécurité des opérationsbancaises malgré que je sois en France…tout s’est bien passé lhamdou lilah ..Que dieu vous récompense .Fi amani Llah …Bisous bisous (Rizlene – Zahra Gown & Flint Crepe Hijab)



Asalam o Aalaikum Wrwb. I just received my items today and loved them so much. I just want to Thank You for such an amazing collection and super fast delivery. Had a wonderful experience with you. JazakALLAH khairan



Alhamdullilah. I have received my package today. Simply love the super fast service. Looking forward for my next purchase. 😉



I received my order yesterday. Thank you for the nice dresses and cardigan. The fabric is good and sewing is also very good. I am looking forward for the new collection. (Elmira)



I would just like to say a massive thank you for replying to all of my emails and delivering an amazing product in less than 48hours, really really appreciate it and I pray that your business is always successful. (Aarifah)



Asalamualaykum. I just wanted to say jazakallah khair for your great work and customer service.  I am so happy with my dress, abaya and hijabs. I love the quality of your work and fabric. Your collection is the collection I have been waiting for that suits my style. I don’t buy clothes to be complimented but when i wear your items i know there is always a sister who will ask where did i get? I am proud to be an Inayah Sister.May allah continue to bless you. 🙂



Assalamu alaykum. I am sending this email to thank you for the speed at which I received my order. Your hijabs are of high quality. Thank you. Assisa.



As Salaamu Alaikum I just wanted to say Jazak’Allah Khair / thank you for delivering my Orange Jersey Hijab in time for Eid. Jersey Hijabs are the way forward marsha’Allah! my first one and i love it! I will definitely be ordering from Inayah again. Eid Mubarak, Regards Diana



Hi INAYAH, Eid mubarak! Thank you I received the abaya, IT is very beautiful! I was surprised that the package was already here. it was a great surprise on this beautiful day. wish you a beautiful eid!



Just wanted to say that although I was a little bit skeptical about the arrival day the dress arrived on the exact day you thought it would which was three days before I needed it and about 2 business days after I made the order and I was stoked! I didnt have the chance to try the dress on right up until half an hour before the actual wedding that I was wearing it to and I was doubly happy that it fit, sat and flowed perfectly teamed up with a simple gold belt as suggested and a pair of heels and matching hijab. Received a lot of compliments from friends and family who all liked the dress and I have zero to complain about. Your customer service, speedy delivery and beautiful dress was such a pleasant online shopping experience that I will definitely be shopping with you again! (Saadet)



Salam,I got my order today. Love, Love, Lovethe dress!!! I got it in time for Eid, thank you. I’m definitely going to be ordering from INAYAH in the future inshallah.I just had to write this email to tell you that I appreciate your customer service and the quality of the product. Nima, satisfied customer.



Brilliant! This was my first time ordering from Inayah as I’ve recently decided to change the way I dress. Inayah has such a great range of stylish and current hijabs/abaya’s which is something I’m so grateful for!I found it very difficult to find items like the ones I’ve just purchased in shops and online. Thanks to Inayah there’s no need for me to worry anymore as I have this beautiful collection to order from in the future. Thank you! (Sanah)



 Je tenais a vous écrire ce petit mot, car j ai été agréablement surpris. Je suis de Belgique, de sa capitale et j ai commander la magnifique robe rose qui et dans votre fons d écran Facebook, je l’ai reçu assez rapidement, la taille c est géniale et elle est magnifique, mais magnifique macha ALLAh, merci a créateur d Inaya et a son équipe, bonne continuation.



Salaam, I have just received my abayas from the new collection, they are absolutely beautiful! Quality and Elegance as its best! This was my first time to purchase your abayas and will definitely order again! Thank you very much for a great service May Allah Reward You Ameen x



I must say I think your prices are FANTASTIC especially for the style and quality you provide. I am from Australia and just purchased 3 abayas and 2 scarves off your website and with shipping it was still cheaper then if I was to buy two abayas of this quality here in Australia. Cannot wait for your next collection. Salaams xx



Excellent! My order came so fast and safely with the help of Allah, I’m so glad! So so happy!! Thank you very much. The hijabs are of excellent quality, and I’m especially pleased with the pins, soooo beautiful 🙂 (Zarniyar)



Excellent customer service and attention to details. Always professional, friendly and efficient 🙂 It’s been great being a client of Inayah’s and I really appreciate Inayah’s efforts in accommodating my various requests. Keep it up! 😀 (Samina)



Service was great. i live in Canada so i was worried but i loved the presentation in which the abaya came in (black box with black ribbon)..very classy! (Mariam)



I received my Dusk Abaya on Monday. I was extremely impressed with the quick delivery time to South Africa (just 4 days).The outfit is absolutely stunning. I love the style, quality & neatness of the work. I cannot wait to wear it! I will most definitely be ordering from your collection in the future. Thank you so much. Kind regards, Raeesa.



Just got my parcel. I love the Blush Cardigan, its perfect for summer, light and and covers everything up. Also, the cotton hijabs are ideal for summer too. Definitely will order again! (Ayse)



INAYAH has the best quality clothes for the best and reasonable prices. I have their scarves and abayas and I’m in LOVE. (Din)



OMG! I received my order today anddddddd it was beautiful! I super loved the hijab pins, such amazing quality stones! And the blazer is soooo beautiful! The kaftans are also sooooooo pretty!!!!! I love ur items!!! Oh and the animal print scarf is sooooooo nice! I’m wearing it now!!! Look forward to more items u bring out! ~ I’m gonna be soooooo poor!!!! (Salma)



Salam aleykom, I just received my dress today and all I can say is: WOW!!!!! The quality of the dress is even better than I imagined, the cut is perfect on me and the shipping was extremely fast, masha Allah!!!! In sha Allah I will be making more orders with you in the future. May Allah (swt) bless you for all your hard work and for all the help you are providing to us sisters. Best regards, Veronica Jacinto, CANADA



I have received my purchases and firstly can I say I LOVE your collection. The cuts, the sizes, the length is perfect for me, elegant, flattering, and smart. Well done.



Just received my order today. I’m very happy with the english vintage collection, the dress is splendid, the scarf is absolutely gorgeous, i love the fabric so much! You can be modest and fashionable at the same time. And last but not least of course the pins, they are such a beauty, a cherry on top of the cake. (Andi)



I just received my pins that I ordered a week ago from Inayah, and I’ll be honest here- amazing is an UNDERSTATEMENT for how beautiful these pins are, Mash’Allah! The photos on the website are great, but it is absolutely nothing compared to how gorgeous they look in real life.Firstly, for the ladies who think that the pins are too expensive- let me assure you that they are absolutely fantastic value for money. This is because of the pins are quite large so they are all statement pieces (I think wearing more than one of them on your head at the same time might look weird). They really dress up your outfit! Similar to the way that a necklace can complete your outfit, I think these pins can do the same =) The two sets of pins that I purchased came in packs of three and four so I also saved money by not purchasing separate single pin sets. I have absolutely zero complaints about postage too- While some people complained that it was overpriced, I actually preferred paying a little extra because I received my pins 8 days after shipping (I live in Australia)- Postage usually takes a ridiculous amount time when it’s an international order, so I was very impressed! I hate waiting for over 2 weeks to receive something! As a final point, the Inayah Collection is an absolutely amazing company. They have exceeded my expectations in every aspect of their business. Their website is very well designed and professional, all emails and facebook messages get replies very quickly, the product is BEYOND amazing (in pricing, quality and postage) and all of the staff that I have spoken to (through email and the facebook page) have been so polite and friendly. I believe that the thing which makes Inayah stand out from the rest is that fact that they are still genuinely concerned about all of their customers and want to make them happy, while still maintaining a professional business image. I am very, very impressed and will definitely be ordering more from your website. All of you are doing such a fantastic job! Thank you SO SO much! ♥ Insh’Allah you continue to have growing success in the future. (NOOR)



I’m absolutely delighted with both items… the abaya fits like a dream and the scarf is beautiful. I can’t wait to wear them both. Thank you so much – you’ve made a lot of muslim girls (and non-muslims I’m sure) very happy and feeling fabulous this week!! I’m greatly looking forward to the next updates to the site inshallah! Thank you so much again and best wishes for the future of Inayah! (Rose)



Salam ladies, I received my scarves this morning. As exquisite as ever! Love it! Thank you for making my day. May Allah bless all of you at Inayah. Ameen. Thank you so much! Love from Singapore(: (Sakinah)



OMGGGG it arrived today 😀 THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH for making the dress its perfect fit and i love it and the packaging is just amazing. love the scarf and the embroidery and everything lool im sooo happy.. once again THANKS ALOT X – Oval Elegance Kaftan



 Just received my parcel yesterday… FABULOUS!! the abayas are gorgeous..really i always looked for a style like this..and also a big thanks for the extra abaya..iam very happy…andi cant wait to see ur new collection..wish u good luck for your label! (Rabial)



I received the parcel on Monday when I got home and was so anxious to see the goodies inside! I love EVERY single item that I opened up and tried on. I am obsessed with your hijabs! The material used is an excellent quality and the length is perfect! My favorite color is the berry pink maxi viscose hijab.Your clothing is beautiful mashaAllah and so comfortable! I wore the cascade midi dress with the oatmeal cocoon cardigan to school and received so many compliments and questions as to where they are from. It was such an unreal feeling receiving such gorgeous clothes and I am so grateful for the clothes you have sent me. I will continue to be a huge supporter/admirer of your clothes and I truly wish your business all the best!:) THANK YOU SO MUCH:) May Allah reward you well! All the best! (Katherine)