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1 Nov

Want the perfect dress for the perfect wedding?

INAYAH - Made to Order Service

Is your wedding date just around the corner? Have you been dreaming of your big day for years? What about bridesmaid dresses? INAYAH have all your magical needs at hand…

At INAYAH we know how stressful it can get when trying to incorporate amodest take on dresses. You find theperfect maxi dress but with no sleeves, another has no lining and the other has a low neckline that just wouldn’t be right. Of course, you can always wear a t-shirt or a slip dress underneath but most importantly and almost certainly, your whole look can become ruined, outdated and you feel unfashionable.

INAYAH cater for this need. We design contemporary modest wear so that each individual is able tofulfill their styling needs. All of our occasion wear items arefully-lined, arelong-sleeved and arestructured enough to allow formodest styling.

So make your wishes come true and embark on your bespoke journey today by visiting www.inayah.com and followthe step by step instructions. Our service is open to all customers around the world. We can’t wait to see your choices!


Emelie Parkes
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