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27 Jan

Still feeling the wintery chill? Check out our casual coats here…

INAYAH - everyday casual wear inspiration

It’s January but it still feels like December so our best bet is to keep our winter coat out a little longer than usual…

If you are looking for the perfect winter coat; something that’s casual but also oozes extra warmth… then look no further. Over the months, we have seen our favourite celebrities don some great casual throwovers and who are we to deny you the same pleasure?

Our Dusty Olive Modest Parka is classically casual. Crafted in an olive tone, the coat transitions seamlessly from dark winter tones as it adds a “spring” into your step that is complemented by lighter colours.

The coat also features a fur lined body and sleeves, a hood and two pockets for when you don’t want the added hassle of holding a bag. Other style features include an adjustable belt for a better fit during chillier evenings. What more could you ask for in a coat?

Looking for something to wear with your casual ensemble? Our Long Black Hoody and Khaki Longline Hoody are two contemporary styles that can be styled with versatility.

Our Long Black Hoody is helps to balance comfort and style. It’s practical, and is cut loose with an elongated zip feature. You can pair this design with an ultra casual outfit or make it the perfect piece to complete your workout wardrobe. Alternatively, the Khaki Longline Hoody  is another practical choice. Crafted in a muted tone, this hoody can be paired with our Charcoal Knitted Joggers. Perfect for mums on-the-go or students just looking for a casual outfit for a quick trip out.

Last but not least, our bestselling range of Crepe Tops are the perfect everyday wear essentials and can be paired with all outfits. Stay stylishly modest whilst on the go always with our range of active wear and day wear now.For more of our items and outfit of the day inspiration, visit www.inayah.com, and our Clothing, Abayas, Maxi Dresses, Modest Trousers, Modest Outwear, Hijabs and Modest Tops&Blouses pages


Emelie Parkes
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